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In June 2015, the Deputy Director Prof S Chaudhuri and Prof S.V. Kulkarni formally recognized the Building Maintenance and Tracking System (BMTS) initiative and formally constituted the new avatar of BMTS as the Institute Maintenance Review Committee (IMRC)(Approval Letter)
2012 The Building Maintenance and Tracking System (BMTS) was started as a response to building related maintenance and tracking issues at IITBNF pertaining to Electrical & AC, Estate Office, PHO interfacing which required consistent follow-up by individual lab-members/in-charges. Under the guidance of Prof. Udayan Ganguly a centralized complaints lodging and tracking service was started with it’s first managers as Sunitha Nambiar reporting to P. Satyavalli using low tech “manual” google spreadsheet and phone line / email. The first complaint was lodged in Aug 2012. It served ~50 complaints in 7 months (until March 2013)
2013 In May 2013, the proposal for implementation of BMTS across EE was strongly supported by Head of the Dept Prof. Abhay Karandikar who dedicated excellent resources to the project as follows. An enhanced team with Management (Mr Santosh Kharat), Tech (Rajesh Gawai)along with excellent IT support from PC Lab Staff Mahak Arora was added. The IT support was used to develop a scalable system that went online on June 2013. From June 2013-Apr 2014, BMTS at EE has served 340 complaints and is going strong. To track its own progress, periodic reports are generated.
2014 In Jan 2014, Mr BK Sahoo (Ex Eng Electrical Div ) initiated a collaboration with BMTS to implement online tracking for his division. AC Maintenance Online Portal on the Dean IPS webpage has been launched while integration with Electrical maintenance is ongoing. In Apr 2014, a lost and found service has been launched by BMTS. Prof. Ambarish Kunwar (BSBE) started collaborating with focus on PHO relations development. Prof Sumit Saxena (MEMS) also joined the initiative. See the progress reports to review its performance.
2015 In June 2015, the Deputy Director Prof S Chaudhuri and Prof S.V. Kulkarni (A-Dean IPS) formally recognized the BMTS initiative and formally constituted the new avatar of BMTS as the Institute Maintenance Review Committee (IMRC)(Approval Letter)
2016 1. IITB Online Maintenance Tracking Launched for AC tracking across campus in Jan 2016.
2. AC Maintenance vendor added under the management of Mr Jitendra Wani. Monthly review of performance against service level contracts done. Non-compliance penalties to be effected on Vendor.
3. Maintenance Tracking service of Estate, PHO, Electrical and AC maintenance integrated on common portal to academic area initiated as pilot program.
4. Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance Audit of BSBE conducted by Prof Kunwar and Mrs. Naik EMD to show key gaps in equipment maintenance and emergency response.

Our Focus:

The group believes that information, transparency and feedback are critical for an efficient organization. Various service providers serve the very community to which they belong. Hence the served community and it many service providers are intertwined to form the community with heterogeneous and complementary skills. Everyone need to be informed to support each other in their common objectives of excellence. Our group endeavors to improve community participation by simplifying information access and communication to build stronger communities in our various initiatives.

The Mandate of Institute Maintenance Review Committee (IMRC)

(i) Serve as a joint forum of service providers (Electrical and AC, Estate, PHO, Telephone) and user representative

(ii) Ensure online record-keeping of service requests and service quality for transparency

(iii) Generate a periodic analysis reports
  (a) To track service quality
  (b) To Identify service challenges
  (c) recommend & track the implementation of systemic solutions

(iv) Strengthen the culture of excellence in campus services

Committee Members:
1. Head of Service Organizations
  a. Mr. B.K. Sahoo (Electrical and AC)
  b. Mr. K.R.P. Unnithan (Estate)
  c. Mr. M. N. Rao (Telephone)
  d. Mr. B.S. Patil (PHO)
2. Faculty Representatives:
  a. Prof. Udayan Ganguly (EE)
  b. Prof. Ambarish Kunwar (BSBE)
  c. Prof. Sumit Saxena (MEMS)
  d. Prof. Sauvik Banerjee (Civil)
3. Dean IPS Officers
  a. Prof. B. V. S Vishwanadham, Dean IPS
  b. Prof. S.V. Kulkarni, Associate Dean- II,IPS

Management: Santosh Kharat (EE)

IT: Mahak Arora (EE)

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