We are always interested in having highly motivated and passionate students join our group. Ideas are aplenty and there are always problems that need to be solved; if you see yourself being a part of a dynamic group operating at the cutting edge of applied research in microsensors and microsystems, continue reading below! We have openings for Ph.D. and M.Tech. students for project ideas in broad areas of biosensors, embedded signal processing for structural health monitoring applications and condition monitoring. Interested students may contact Prof. Tallur via email.

Note for students – Why should you join our team?

What can you expect from working with our group: Working with the AIMS Lab will provide you opportunities to gain mastery over multiple facets of electrical engineering, such as embedded and digital systems design, signal processing, circuit design and instrumentation, simulation and testing, and numerous opportunities to solve pressing and challenging problems. Students seeking to work with the AIMS Lab must have good analytical skills and be able to find creative solutions to a variety of problems. Course background and a good understanding of biosensors, optical and electronic properties of materials, semiconductor physics, and analog and digital circuits are essential for succeeding in our group. There are openings for interested students with suitable backgrounds in multiple roles spanning sensor design and assembly, design and simulation, programming and instrumentation and building application specific systems.

We seek to maintain an informal and open environment conducive for learning, conducting research and personality development. However, we are also vigilant of our high professionalism standards that we have set for ourselves, and practice a sound work ethic. We believe that our strength lies in diversity, and encourage interested students to interact with us to learn more about what we do and discuss how they could be involved.

Non-IITB students applying for external M.Tech. projects should note that spam emails will be ignored. Please note that we do not offer summer internships. If you are serious about an external M.Tech. thesis project, please read this information before emailing your CV. You will have to arrange for your own living expenses; a stipend cannot be provided. Expenses towards research will be supported from regular research expenditure of the group (subject to availability of funds and alignment with sponsored project goals). Write a few sentences in your email expressing why you are interested specifically in our group and provide two references. Email requests that do not include this information will be ignored.

Note for IITB students: Please note that I do not entertain R&D project requests from IIT Bombay undergraduate and M.Tech. students in the final year of their degree program. If you intend to pursue a BTP/DDP/MTP with me, please reach out to my students to first understand the work culture in our group and contact me (via email, for an appointment, attach your CV) only if your are serious about working with our group.