Innovation in a single area of research inevitably leads to compromise between technology and performance. Trade-offs are inherent to product design and technology development, however as engineers and researchers, we must seek to integrate hybrid technologies to explore multi-disciplinary solutions to our problems.

In our group, we operate with this philosophy to demonstrate innovative integrated micro-systems addressing a variety of interdisciplinary technical challenges and applications. These activities form the core components of novel, robust and low cost physical and chemical sensing platform development in our group. We also cherish our strong collaborations with other research groups that allow us to harness complementary skill-sets and push our limits.

Research topics

We are a young and vibrant group and are not afraid to venture out of our comfort zone to leverage our collective expertise to solve interesting, challenging and relevant problems that we face today, while anticipating technology needs and working towards solving problems that may surface in the future. The research areas being pursued currently are listed below (see publications page for links to our publications):

  • High resolution and low-cost biosensors
  • Novel sensing platforms for condition monitoring and structural health monitoring
  • TinyML systems and applications in condition monitoring and structural health monitoring

Collaborators (active)

Past collaborators