The links below will serve as useful resources for designers and developers looking to work with the EVAL-COG-AD3029 low power microcontroller developer board. The tutorials are created by Jinit Patil, and developed in mbed OS platform to enable beginners to quickly get started with this developer board.

Tutorial 1: I2C interfacing

Tutorial 2: SPI interfacing

Tutorial 3: UART interfacing

Tutorial 4 (example): ADXL355-ADuCM3029-mbed

Download tutorials 1-3 and example codes

ADSP-SC584 EZ-board

Quick start guide for ADSP-SC584 EZ-board developed by Indrani Mukherjee (September 2019). This guide serves as an introductory document that walks a user through navigating other resources available for this DSP development board.

Lectures for ‘Sensors’ module in ARPIT course ‘Electronic Systems for Sensor Applications’

S. Tallur delivered ten lectures for ARPIT course ‘Electronic Systems for Sensor Applications’. Links to lecture videos available on YouTube are shared below.

Lecture 1: Measurement errors and how to make measurements (how to read datasheets)

Lecture 2: Measurements, and how to use them (power vs noise trade-off case study)

Lecture 3: A brief history of MEMS and micro-machining (part 1)

Lecture 4: A brief history of MEMS and micro-machining (part 2)

Lecture 5: Spring design in MEMS sensors (part 1)

Lecture 6: Spring design in MEMS sensors (part 2)

Lecture 7: Interface circuits for capacitive transduction

Lecture 8: Subtleties in measurements (three case studies involving MEMS accelerometers)

Lecture 9: Phase sensitive detection and lock-in amplifiers

Lecture 10: Chopper and auto-zero amplifiers for low offset sensors