Many Big Thanks

to all the ATS-2015 participants for making the conference a success.

Welcome to Asian Test Week

ATS 2015 is the twenty fourth in this series of symposia started in 1992 devoted to testing, fault tolerant computing and the design of reliable circuits and systems. ATS is recognized as the main event in Asia that covers the many dimensions of testing and fault-tolerance. The symposium focuses on the key test challenge will arise due to the ability to design complex systems such as robots that encompass sensors, communication systems, processors, transducers and enabling software. In addition to passing post-manufacture test procedures, such systems and relevant devices must exhibit fault-tolerance and survivability characteristics.

The conference opens the Call for papers here.

Keynote Speakers:

   1. Friedrich Hapke (Mentor Graphics)

   2. Subhasish Mitra (Stanford University)

   3. Harry Chen (Mediatek Taiwan)

   4. Masahiro Fujita (University of Tokyo)