Amit Bhardwaj

I am a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I am working under the guidance of Prof.Subhasis Chaudhuri and Prof.Onkar Dabeer in the area of haptics.

Topic of my Phd thesis is "Analysis of perception of haptic force signals." I record human haptic responses for several types of haptic force signals, and analyze them for the purpose of haptic data compression. I use machine learning techniques for the analysis of the recorded response.


I did my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from YMCAIE, Faridabad in 2009. Afer that, i joined Delhi College of Engineering, and did my masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2011 from there. In July 2011, i joined IIT Bombay as research scholar in the department of Electrical Engineering.


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-A. Bhardwaj, S. Chaudhuri, and O. Dabeer. "Deadzone analysis of 2d kinesthetic perception." In Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS), 2014 IEEE, pages 473-478, Feb 2014.

-A. Bhardwaj, S. Chaudhuri, and O. Dabeer. "Design and analysis of predictive sampling of haptic signal." Accepted in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP). Link for Data

-A. Bhardwaj and S. Chaudhuri. "Does Just Noticeable Difference Depend on the Rate of Change of Kinesthetic Force Stimulus?" Proc. Eurohaptics, Versailles, France, June 2014.

-A. Bhardwaj and S. Chaudhuri. "Estimation of Resolvability of User Response in Kinesthetic Perception of Jump Discontnuities", accepted in World Haptic Conference (WHC), June 2015, Chicago.


Vision and Image Processing Lab
Room No. 112, Electrical Engineering Dept
IIT Bombay, Powai
Email: bhardwaj[AT] .