Welcome to the TANSEN Web Demo

Searching for music based on tune or melody is an important component of any content retrieval system that targets music databases. For example, the most natural way of querying a database of songs would be by humming a fragment of the desired song. At our Lab, work is in progress on a "Query-By-Humming" (QBH) music indexing and retrieval system "TANSEN" based on melody, for retrieval of songs from a database of popular Hindi film music. This application raises many challenging research problems such as the effective extraction of musical attributes from complex audio signals and the determination of musical similarity.

This demo allows you to search our database of songs by humming a tune. Legend has it that Tansen, famed musician of North India, wove magic with his song. You are invited to do much the same. Call up your favourite film soundtrack with a few hummed notes.... currently some restrictions apply!

A video of the demo appears below: