Notes on Scilab

Notes on Scilab

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Scilab is a free and open source numerical compututation package which is used for control systems, signal processing, numerical analysis, statistics, image processing and many other areas. The language used is a matrix oriented programming language. Scilab shares many features with packages like MATLAB and Octave.

To understand why the free software like Scilab is so important, read this fantastic article by the Free Software Foundation on "Freedom" in software.

Click here for information on Scilab workshops.

Here is a list of style guidelines on Scilab programming that I have written.

Here are some of my favourite resources on Scilab.

If you'd like to take Scilab out for a spin without having ot download it, you can try it online here. Note that plotting is not supported here. You can download Scilab from this link for pre-packaged binaries and/or source code. If you use Linux, Scilab may be available on your local package manager. For instance, on Debian systems (and Debian derivatives like Ubuntu), you can install Scilab by typing the following command into a terminal:

    sudo apt-get install scilab

Scilab has many useful toolboxes. Toolboxes can now (as of version 5.2.2) be installed in much the same way as packages are installed using package managers on Linux based systems- using the ATOMS package manager. Click on the "ATOMS Module Manager" option under "Applications" in the menu toolbar for a list of supported toolboxes.

A few useful toolboxes are:

Here is where you can turn to if you need some help with Scilab: