Virtual Electromagnetics Laboratory - Prof. S. V. Kulkarni, Electrical Dept., IIT Bombay

Normal incidence of electric field on an interface

- Contributed by Meruva Anjaneya Prasad and Vedant Satav

1) Consider a plane wave which is incidenting normally on an interface between two mediums

2) If the electric field intensity of the incident wave is Ei = Eo e - jβ z then the reflected wave is Er = Γ Eo e jβ z and Et = T Eo e -jβ z

3) Here, Γ (= (η2 - η1)/(η2 + η1)) is the reflection coefficient and T (= 2η2/(η2 + η1)) is the transmission coefficient

4) η1 and η2 represents the intrinsic impedance of medium 1 and medium 2 respectively

5) Intrinsic impedance of an ith medium can be calculated by using the following expression

6) In the above equation εi, μi, and σi are permeability, permittivity, and conductivity of the medium