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EESA Who are we?

The Electrical Engineering Students' Association (EESA) represents students within the Electrical Engineering department. EESA is an initiative by the students, for the students. Our job is to conduct and organize treks, sport events, cultural nights, orientations, and what not. We further aid you by hosting talks and sharing blogs about placements, internships as well as further studies, so that you sail through your years in the department.


The million dollar experiences from students of our department. Be it internships or placements, we've got you covered. Read on for what your seniors and mates have to say about the hows and whys of their journeys.


Take a trip down memory lane as you reminisce past events conducted by EESA over your years in the department. This evergrowing collection includes talks, competitions, event nites and orientations that you attended. To keep up with all the events that we conduct, follow our socials at the bottom of the page.

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Meet the innovative, driven and talented people who power EESA. See everyone who works behind the scenes to make it happen - the EESA Secys, the Class Reps, and all other Coordinators that come together to ensure that your years in the department are the smoothest possible.


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