Rltool  1.7 (beta) for Scilab-4.0. The earlier version of rltool doesnot work with scilab 4.0.

updated_banner April 2006 Ver 1.7  available for  Scilab 4.0.
Please send me your feedback and bug reports! You can get the tar.gz HERE (650 KB)

Here is a Screenshot: (Ver 1.6 beta)

November 2004

Rltool 1.5 available for Scilab 3.0. Download here (235 KB)
This version has been  tested with Scilab 3.0 on WinXP and a number of *nixes.

Rltool version 1.4 available for Scilab 2.7 and Scilab RC 3.0 (July 2004)
Many new features available. Download tar.gz (89KB)
See CHANGES here

NEW: RLTOOL version 1.3 (Released November, 2003).
RLTOOL 1.3 has:


RLTOOL is a  graphics based tool for designing  compensators for SISO continuous-time plants. An attempt has been  made to provide most of the features available in a utility of  similar name which is available with a well known commercial  software.

Targetted users:
Students and Control System designers using Scilab.


For  RLTOOL,  currently under development, see here. It also lists older versions.

Please note that RLTOOL is subject to the GNU-GPL license.

Send bug reports to me at ishan[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in
Last updated June 2005