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Shreevardhan A. Soman
Photo -Shreevardhan A. Soman
Contact Information
Room Number: 224
Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai 400 076,
Fax: +91-22-2572-3707
Email: soman[AT]

Past Students
  1. Gopal R. Gajjar, "Mining Wide Area Frequency Measurements in Power Systems", 07-. 2015.
  2. Yogesh Kumar Bichpuriya, "Linear Combination of Load Forecasts", 12-. 2014.
  3. Kalyan Dasgupta, "Wide Area Measurement Applications in Line Parameter Estimation and understanding Electromechanical Wave Propagation", 07-. 2014.
  4. Prashant V Navalkar, "Phasor Measurement Unit Based Linear State Estimator - Diagnostics and Application to Secure Remote Backup Protection of Transmission Lines", 2013.
  5. Manda Somasekara Rao, "Fixed Cost Allocation of Transmission System Using Min-Max Fairness Approach", (under the supervision of S. A. Soman and Benard Menezes ), 2012.
  6. Rajeev Kumar Gajbhiye, "Facilitating Emission Trading within Power Exchange and Advanced Bid Structures for Evolving Electricity Markets.", 2011.
  7. Sanjay Shamrao Dambhare, "Algorithms to Improve Sensitivity of Current Differential Protection Schemes for Transmission Line Protection", (under the supervision of S. A. Soman and M. C. Chandorkar ), 2009.
  8. P V Chawande, "A high fidelity and robust closed loop active flux compensation scheme for mitigating CT saturation", (under the supervision of S. A. Soman and P. R. Apte ), 2008.
  9. Abhijit R. Abhyankar, "Optimization Based Generalized Framework for Real Power Tracing: Applications in Transmission Pricing", (under the supervision of S A Khaparde and S A Soman ), 2007.
  10. Shubha Pandit, "Object Oriented Power System Analysis", (under the supervision of S. A. Soman and S. A. Khaparde ), 06-. 2001.