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The Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) administers a business incubator which provides support for technology based entrepreneurship at IIT Bombay. SINE extends the role of IIT Bombay by facilitating the conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures.

The SINE office is located in the third floor of CSRE building, IIT Bombay.


Several startups have been incubated by faculty members and students in the field of EE which are briefed below.


Wilcom stands for Wireless Communication. Wilcom's mission is to cater for various wireless communication systems including antennas, microwave circuits for the mobile and telecom companies, space and defense organizations in the national and international markets. The company is promoted by Prof. Girish Kumar. The company was incubated at IIT Bombay in 2005.

Powai Labs

Powai Labs was founded on the banks of Powai Lake, within the IIT Bombay campus. Powai Labs is an entity focused on innovation in the electronics design automation (EDA) space. Its technology is improving the working conditions of design engineers by addressing their pain level issues, in a most cost effective manner; focusing on price, quality and innovation. The company is promoted by Prof. Madhav Desai, Dr. Krishnan Sabnani and Reapan Tikoo.


Vegayan Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a premier provider of advanced networking products and integrated solutions for global communication network customers. Vegayan was founded by Dr. Girish Saraph (communications faculty in EE department) and his team at the IIT Bombay business incubator (SINE). It's registered office has now moved to Vikhroli(W), Mumbai, please refer to its website for more details.

Vegayan has launched SiMPLuS suite of products for operations and planning of converged IP/MPLS networks. The products have very successful in the market and commercially deployed in two large telecom service providers in India. It has tier-1 global partners for system integration and services support. It is expanding its reach to enterprise customers and global markets.


Nanosniff is promoted by Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao.

Eisodus Networks

Eisodus Networks was promoted by Prof. Abhay Karandikar.

Sensibol Audio Technologies

Sensibol Audio Technologies is promoted by Prof. Preeti Rao.