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deparment academic mentorship programme (D-AMP)

Our department has a very strong Department Academic Mentorship Programme (D-AMP), under the aegis of the Institute Student Mentor Programme (ISMP). D-AMP is responsible for helping out Electrical Engineering students who face academic problems. The programme, led by two student Coordinators and the D-AMP Faculty Coordinator, identifies responsible senior students to act as mentors for the junior students and to address any problems they might be having in the department.

The D-AMP works closely with the Faculty Advisers as well as the Department General Secretary to achieve the objective of not only bringing weaker students on par academically, but also of improving the academic environment in the department by carrying out initiatives like increasing awareness about opportunities for learning and research in EE, conducting sessions for Minors and Honors, helping students with information about higher studies, curriculum , timetable reviews and even restructuring curriculum etc.

The D-AMP Faculty Coordinator is Prof. V.M.Gadre
The D-AMP Team for 2014-2015 is:
1. Shanay Shah 10D070007 9819873244
2. Krishnakant Saboo 11D070009 9820715401


Fourth year
3. Tanmay V Sharma 11D070053 8879421719
4. P Anusri 11D070059 9004211805
5. Harsh Ankur 11D070064 7738995319
6. Aditi Kamat 110070008 9404230202
7. Sukanya Patil 110100025 9421521545
8. Tharun K.R Medini 110070048 9619835284
9. Ashish Bora 11D170013 9619826743
10. Urvesh Patil 11D070008 9987598166
11. Kunal Phalak 110070023 9167782655
12. Prudhvitej Imadi 110070054 9967272012

Fifth year
13. Sahil Agarwal 10d070017 9820727443
14. Manish Swami 10D070041 9167218940
15. Akshay Goyal 10D070032 9930842095
16. Parthe Pandit 10D070009 9769606660
17. Puneet Arora 10D07010 9819765510
18. Hardik Agarwal 10D070042 9757418372
19. Nitesh Singh 10D070011 9930641657
20. Virat Shejwalkar 10D070021 7738712164
21. Prakhar Khandelwal 10D070040 9892944784

Third Year
22. Chirag Shetty 120070007 9892611771
23. Pulkit Tandon 120070012 9920024992
24.Akhil Shetty 12D070013 9987129122
25. Anand Kalvit 12D070032 9769493468