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Research Opportunities

IIT Bombay offers research opportunities in the form of fellowships and summer internships, apart from the regular undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. For more information, please visit the research website of the Department and the Institute

Technical Events

Lectures by eminent experts, workshops, conferences, and seminars are a regular feature of the department which provides the students and research scholars with an awareness of the cutting-edge research. Further various competitions within the department and in the institute such as Techfest, TechGC, and Aagomani provide the participants with a platform for various kinds of technical competitions and events which facilitate all round development in them.

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Hostel Allocation

The institute provides separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels have all the modern facilities for boarding and other recreational activities. Currently there are two hostels for girls, namely Hostel 10 and Hostel 11 (or simply H10 and H11). Similarly, there are twelve hostels for boys, namely H1 to H9, H12, H13 and H14. These hostels provide accommodation to the new undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Tansa House is the residence of the project staffs in the campus. During initial years, the rooms may be allotted on a twin sharing basis. A New hostel H15 is under construction and it is likely to be complete by the end of this year. This hostel will accommodate the new students of the institution. For more information, please visit the hostel websites: H10, H11, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, H12, H13, H14.

Basic Amenities

All the hostels have common-rooms with television, dance room, sports room, computer room, fitness room, badminton courts, and volleyball ground. They also have facilities for indoor games such as table-tennis, carom board, chess. Laundry facilities include washing machines and ironing. The hostels have their own mess (dining) to cater to the needs of students. These facilities can be availed of against IIT Bombay identity card. The identity card is provided at the time of joining the institute. Wired internet connection is provided in each room. The hostels H3, H8, and H10 have xerox and stationery shops too.

Eating Joints

Each hostel has its own mess (dining) facility that provides the students with meals at four times during the day. In addition, there is a separate canteen in each hostel which is open till late in the night. Some other eating joints in the institution consist of the department canteens, a campus restaurant, a Nescafe coffee shack in the academic area, a staff canteen, an icecream corner, and a coffee shop near Hostel 8.

Shops in the Neighborhood

IIT Bombay has three gates. Of these, the Y-point gate has a shopping center for basic needs like a book and stationery store, general stores, a drycleaner, a fruit vendor, a grocery store, a medicine shop, a barber shop, and a bicycle store. A post-office is also available near the previously mentioned Y-point gate. Outside IIT Bombay at the Y-point gate, Powai market is situated. At about two km away, Hiranandani is another location near the institution which is famous for its commercial marketplace.

Extracurricular Activities

IIT Bombay regularly organizes various extracurricular activities to facilitate all round development of the students. IIT Bombay calendar, released yearly, is marked with all the extracurricular activities scheduled to be organized. There are various clubs which organize many extracurricular activities such as STAB, IN-SYNC, Fourth Wall, E-CEL, INSIGHT (Magazine), Vaani, Lit Club, Saaz, Staccato, etc. For more details about these activities, please visit:

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IIT Bombay students release a quarterly newspaper namely Insight and Electrical Engineering department students release a newspaper named Background Hum. Besides these, IIT Bombay students also have a broadcasting of its own namely IITBBC.


Pratham (satellite project): Project to make an indigenous satellite is underway in the campus, supported by ISRO, India. Students Technical Activities Body or STAB is the club which looks after all the technical events in the campus. The Electrical Engineering department holds its department festival AAGomani yearly.

AAGomani is organized in February/March months and is open to all the colleges. The students also organize an informal department trip once per semester.

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Student life

Student life in IIT Bombay is a perfect mix of technological and cultural activities which ensures all round development of the students. Entire year is studded not only with academic activities but also various extracurricular activities like the National level technical festival and cultural festivals like Mood Indigo, Swarsandhya, Surbahar, AIDS, Theatre festival, General Championships of Sports, Literary events and Gyrations (dance). For more details please visit:


There is a central library and a department library within the Electrical Engineering department. The Central library recordkeeping is computerized and it has a huge collection of books and subscription to journals. The department library has a moderate collection of books. Printer facility is available for students in the department library. For further details please visit:

EE Library

Central Library