Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Postdoctoral researchers


Photo -Array Vivek Agarwal

+91-22-2576-7422 (O)
+91-22-2576-8422 (R)
Email: agarwal[AT]
Research Interests: Power conversion: New converter topologies, High frequency link power conversion, ZCS-ZVS configurations, Switched Capacitor DC-DC converters, Power quality issues: Power factor correction techniques, Static VAR compensation, Active filters , Non-conventional energy (solar PV, wind, fuel cell) : Power conditioning, maximum power point tracking, stand-alone and grid connected systems, Microgrid.

Photo -Array Sadanand D. Agashe

+91-22-2576-7411 (O)
+91-22-2570-1259 (R)
Email: eesdaia[AT]
Research Interests: Control theory, Network theory, Speech analysis and Synthesis.

Photo -Array Kumar Appaiah

+91-22-2576-9416 (O)
Email: akumar[AT]
Research Interests: Signal processing for communication, fibre optics, wireless communication.

Photo -Array Brij Mohan Arora

+91-22-2576-7409 (O)
Email: bmarora[AT]
Research Interests: Optoelectronic materials and devices III-IV compound semiconductors solar cells.

Photo -Array Sibi Raj B Pillai

+91-22-2576-7419 (O)
Email: bsraj[AT]
Research Interests: Fundamental Limits of Communication Systems, Information Theory and its applications, Compressed Sensing, Stochastic Modeling, Resource Allocation Problems, Interference Channels, Relaying and Broadcasting.

Photo -Array Himanshu J. Bahirat

+91-22-2576-9415 (O)
Email: hjbahirat[AT]
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Sources, Grid Integration of Renewable Energy,Offshore Wind Energy,Transients in Power Systems, DC Power Systems, DC Wind Farms, Multi-terminal DC Networks, Circuit Breakers, Power Electronics.

Photo -Array Madhu N. Belur

+91-22-2576-7404 (O)
Email: belur[AT]
Research Interests: Control theory, dissipative systems, graph theoretic methods, decentralized control, behavioral theory control, Fault diagnosis.

Photo -Array Vivek Shripad Borkar

+91-22-2576-9405 (O)
+91-22-2576-8405 (R)
Email: borkar[AT]
Research Interests: Stochastic Control, Learning Control Theory, Random Processes.

Photo -Array Subhananda Chakrabarti

+91-22-2576-7421 (O)
+91-22-2576-8421 (R)
Email: subho[AT]
Research Interests: III-V Compound semiconductor materials growth and characterization, Optoelectronic Devices of interest includes quantum dot photodetectors and Solar cells, III-V device integration on germanium.

Photo -Array Debraj Chakraborty

+91-22-2576-7420 (O)
+91-22-2576-8420 (R)
Email: dc[AT]
Research Interests: Optimal Control, Linear Systems, Optimization, Differential Games, Game Theory.

Photo -Array Mukul C. Chandorkar

+91-22-2576-7475 (O)
+91-22-2576-8475 (R)
Email: mukul [AT]

Photo -Array Prasanna Chaporkar

+91-22-2576-7449 (O)
+91-22-2576-8449 (R)
Email: chaporkar[AT]
Research Interests: Resource Allocation and scheduling in wired/wireless networks, Optimization and control of stochastic systems, Distributed systems and algorithms.

Photo -Array Kishore Chatterjee

+91-22-2576-7472 (O)
+91-22-2576-8472 (R)
Email: kishore [AT]
Research Interests: Utility friendly converter topologies, Power Factor Correction techniques, STATCOM, Switched Mode Rectifiers, Electronic Ballast, Control of Electric Drives.

Photo -Array Subhasis Chaudhuri

+91-22-2576-7437 (O)
+91-22-2576-8437 (R)
Email: sc[AT]
Research Interests: Multimedia, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computational Haptics.

Photo -Array Madhav P. Desai

+91-22-2576-7423 (O)
+91-22-2576-8423 (R)
Email: madhav [AT]
Research Interests: VLSI Circuits and Systems, VLSI design and design automation, Graph theory and combinatorics.

Photo -Array Bikash Kumar Dey

+91-22-2576-7429 (O)
+91-22-2576-8429 (R)
Email: bikash[AT]
Research Interests: Information Theory, Coding Theory, Wireless communication.

Photo -Array Siddhartha P Duttagupta

+91-22-2576-7866 (O)
+91-22-2857-7560 (R)
Email: sdgupta[AT]
Research Interests: Tera Hertz Spectroscopy, Wireless RF Power Transfer (highly directive reflect-array antenna), Silicon Photo Multiplier (avalanche photo-diode array based single photon detector), Photo Electro Chemical Power Converter (ultra-low light intensity operation), High Performance Computing (real-time, non-uniform, photo-intensity mapping), Mobile Green Hybrid Power Platforms (air-borne, off-shore, sub-surface monitoring).

Photo -Array Baylon G. Fernandes ( Currently, Head of the Department )

+91-22-2576-7428 (O)
+91-22-2576-8428 (R)
Email: bgf [AT]
Research Interests: Inverter topologies for VAr compensation., Power electronic interface for non-conventional energy sources, Permanent magnet machines for wind power generation, Switched reluctance machines for electric vehicle application.

Photo -Array Vikram M. Gadre

+91-22-2576-7426 (O)
+91-22-2576-8426 (R)
Email: vmgadre[AT]
Research Interests: Communication and signal processing, with emphasis on multiresolution and multirate signal processing, especially wavelets and filter banks: theory and applications.

Photo -Array Udayan Ganguly

+91-22-2576-7698 (O)
Email: udayan[AT]
Research Interests: Flash Memory materials and device optimization, Nanocrystal, nanotubes, nanowires growth and device characterization, Novel materials/process integration in CMOS platform, Chemical and bio sensors, Experimental device physics with modeling/design.

Photo -Array Swaroop Ganguly

+91-22-2576-7403 (O)
Email: sganguly[AT]
Research Interests: Quantum biomimetics: electronic devices inspired by quantum biology, Heterostructure transistors for next-generation logic, high-speed and high-power applications.

Photo -Array Manoj Gopalkrishnan

+91-22-2576-5421 (O)
Email: manojg[AT]
Research Interests: Algorithms in nature, Information processing in networks, Reaction networks, Neural networks, Evolution, Game theory, Deep learning, Information geometry, Thermodynamics of information, Quantum Information.

Photo -Array Shalabh Gupta

+91-22-2576-7499 (O)
+91-22-2576-8499 (R)
Email: shalabh[AT]
Research Interests: High-speed CMOS analog/RF/mm-wave integrated circuits and systems, Optical fiber communication systems, Microwave photonics / ultrafast data conversion using photonics , Beamforming antenna systems, Signal processing for these systems.

Photo -Array Joseph John

+91-22-2576-7448 (O)
+91-22-2576-8448 (R)
Email: jjohn [AT]
Research Interests: Analog and Digital Circuits, Optical Fiber Communications, Indoor Optical Wireless Systems, Modern Electronic Systems and Instrumentation.

Photo -Array Nikhil Karamchandani

+91-22-2576-9419 (O)
Email: nikhilk[AT]
Research Interests: Information Theory, Networks, Communications, Distributed Computation, Cyber-Physical Systems.

Photo -Array Abhay Karandikar

+91-22-2576-7439 (O)
+91-22-2576-8439 (R)
Email: karandi[AT]
Research Interests: Control and Performance Modeling of Wireless Networks, Quality of Service and Resource Allocation in Wired/Wireless Networks, Next Generation Wireless Network Protocols (related to 802.16m, LTE-Advanced and 4G Standards), Co-operative Relay and Self Organizing Network, Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul, Rural Wireless Network..

Photo -Array Gaurav S Kasbekar

+91-22-2576-9407 (O)
Email: gskasbekar[AT]
Research Interests: Modeling, design and analysis of wireless networks, Game theoretic and economic aspects of spectrum allocation, Cognitive radio networks, Lifetime and coverage problems in wireless sensor networks.

Photo -Array Shrikrishna A. Khaparde

+91-22-2576-7434 (O)
+91-22-2576-8434 (R)
Email: sak[AT]
Research Interests: Deregulation in Power Industry: optimal bidding, and congestion management, Object Oriented Power System Analysis, Controlled series compensation using SSSC, Harmonic Distortion in Distribution systems, Design and Operation of small tidal power plant, Modelling and Design of transformer.

Photo -Array Anil Kottantharayil

+91-22-2576-7438 (O)
+91-22-2576-8438 (R)
Email: anilkg[AT]
Research Interests: CMOS device physics, design and modelling, Materials for advanced CMOS devices CMOS device physics, design and modelling, Materials for advanced CMOS devices, Electrical characterization, Gate oxide reliability and hot-carrier effects, Radiation effects on MOS devices.

Photo -Array Anupama Kowli

+91-22-2576-7467 (O)
Email: anu[AT]
Research Interests: Power system planning, operations and control, Electricity markets and economics of electric power grids, Policy and regulation for electric power grids, Grid integration of renewable generation and distributed storage, Demand-side management, demand response and flexible loads, Smart grids and its enabling technologies and mechanisms.

Photo -Array Shrikrishna V. Kulkarni

+91-22-2576-7430 (O)
Email: svk[AT]
Research Interests: Transformers: Design, Analysis and Diagnostics, Electromagnetic and Coupled Field Computations, Power Engineering: Distributed Generation, High Voltage Engineering: Insulation Design/Diagnostics.

Photo -Array Anil Kulkarni

+91-22-2576-7416 (O)
+91-22-2576-8416 (R)
Email: anil[AT]
Research Interests: Power System Dynamics and Control, Application of Power Electronics to Power Systems, Flexible AC Transmission Systems, HVDC Transmission Systems.

Photo -Array Animesh Kumar

+91-22-2576-7407 (O)
Email: animesh[AT]
Research Interests: Signal processing, communication systems, TV white spaces, applied statistics, SRAM reliability models.

Photo -Array Girish Kumar

+91-22-2576-7436 (O)
+91-22-2576-8436 (R)
Email: gkumar[AT]
Research Interests: Microstrip antennas and arrays, Broadband antennas, Microwave integrated circuits, EMI/ EMC, RF communication circuits.

Photo -Array Apurba Laha

+91-22-2576-9408 (O)
+91-22-2576-8408 (R)
Email: laha[AT]
Research Interests: Oxide based electronics: Epitaxial rare earth oxides (high-K dielectrics) on Si, Ge and SiGe substrates for gate dielectric application in next generation CMOS, oxide heterostructures. , Si, Ge and SiGe based Nanostructure for photonics.

Photo -Array Saurabh Lodha

+91-22-2576-7460 (O)
+91-22-2576-8460 (R)
Email: slodha[AT]
Research Interests: CMOS process integration and device physics, Materials and processes for advanced CMOS devices, Metal-semiconductor interfaces, 2D materials and devices, Molecular devices.

Photo -Array Souvik Mahapatra

+91-22-2576-7412 (O)
+91-22-2756-8412 (R)
Email: souvik[AT]
Research Interests: Electrical characterization, modeling and simulation of micro/nano electronic devices, NBTI/PBTI and Hot carrier degradation in MOSFETs, High-k gate dielectrics, Advanced CMOS device reliability, Flash EEPROMs - Floating gate, SONOS/SANOS & Metal Nanopartic.

Photo -Array D Manjunath

+91-22-2576-7427 (O)
+91-22-2576-8427 (R)
Email: dmanju[AT]
Research Interests: Computer and Communication Network Protocols, Systems and Algorithms Performance Modeling, Queueing Theory and Simulation, Stochastic Systems.

Photo -Array Shabbir Merchant

+91-22-2576-7455 (O)
+91-22-2576-8455 (R)
Email: merchant[AT]
Research Interests: Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing.

Photo -Array Sharayu Moharir

+91-22-2576-7411 (O)
Email: sharayum[AT]
Research Interests: Content delivery networks, Communication networks, Crowdsourcing, Stochastic modeling, Resource allocation, Algorithm design and performance analysis.

Photo -Array Jayanta Mukherjee

+91-22-2576-7479 (O)
Email: jayanta[AT]
Research Interests: RF VLSI Design, Antenna Design, Biomedical IC Design, Testing and Characterization, Analog VLSI, Digital VLSI, Noise Modeling.

Photo -Array Bhaskaran Muralidharan

+91-22-2576-9411 (O)
Email: bm[AT]
Research Interests: Computational nanolectronics, spintronics , nano scale energy conversion..

Photo -Array Pradeep R. Nair

+91-22-2576-9447 (O)
Email: prnair[AT]
Research Interests: Nanoscale devices for energy and healthcare applications., Semiconductor device physics and reliability., Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Photo -Array Jayakrishnan U Nair

+91-22-2576-9412 (O)
Email: jayakrishnan.nair[AT]
Research Interests: Queueing theory, Communication networks, Heavy tails.

Photo -Array K.L. Narasimhan

022-2576-9410 (O)
Email: kln[AT]
Research Interests: Organic semiconductors:Physics and devices, Disordered semiconductors, Photovoltaics.

Photo -Array Harihar Narayanan

+91-22-2576-7431 (O)
+91-22-2576-8431 (R)
Email: hn[AT]
Research Interests: Building large scale circuit simulators, Combinatorial optimization including submodular function theory, Large scale system partitioning.

Photo -Array Debasattam Pal

+91-22-2576-7442 (O)
Email: debasattam[AT]
Research Interests: Distributed parameter systems, algebraic analysis, optimal control..

Photo -Array Prem C. Pandey

+91-22-2576-7445 (O)
+91-22-2576-8445 (R)
Email: pcpandey[AT]
Research Interests: Speech & Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing & Instrumentation, Electronic Instrumentation, Embedded Electronic System Design.

Photo -Array Mahesh B. Patil

+91-22-2576-7446 (O)
+91-22-2576-8695 (R)
Email: mbpatil[AT]
Research Interests: Circuit simulation Semiconductor device modelling and simulation Real-time simulation of power electronic circuits and systems.

Photo -Array Sachin Patkar

+91-22-2576-7490 (O)
+91-22-2576-8490 (R)
Email: patkar[AT]
Research Interests: Combinatorial optimization Matroid Theory Submodular Functions Linear/Integer programming Network Flows High Performance Computing FPGA-based accelerated computing GPU based acceleration High Performance Circuit Simulation Algorithms Design and Analysis.

Photo -Array Harish K. Pillai

+91-22-2576-7424 (O)
+91-22-2576-8424 (R)
Email: hp[AT]
Research Interests: Control theory, Systems theory, Multidimensional systems, Numerical and computational methods, Coding theory, Optimization techniques, Electromagnetics.

Photo -Array Preeti Rao

+91-22-2576-7695 (O)
+91-22-2576-8695 (R)
Email: prao[AT]
Research Interests: Speech and Audio Signal Processing, Music Information Retrieval.

Photo -Array Valipe Ramgopal Rao (Currently Director, IIT Delhi)

+91-22-2576-7456 (O)
Email: rrao[AT]
Research Interests: Nanoelectronics Technology Aware Design Challenges with Emerging Technologies (Process-Device-Circuit Interactions with Multigate MOSFETs, Polymer Transistors, Molecular Electronics etc.)CMOS Reliability Bio-MEMS.

Photo -Array Kasturi Saha

+91-22-2576 9413 (O)
Email: kasturis[AT]
Research Interests: Nanophotonics, Quantum optics, Magnetometry, Color centers in diamond.

Photo -Array Dipankar Saha

+91-22-2576-7443 (O)
Email: dsaha[AT]
Research Interests: Microelectronics New Device Physics Semiconductor Spintronics Spin injection, transport and detection in III-V systems Device Reliability.

Photo -Array Amit Sethi

+91-22-2576-7483 (O)
+91-22-2576-8483 (R)
Email: asethi[AT]
Research Interests: The basic method of analysis of visual patterns of cancer tissue has not changed for more than a century. Take a piece of tissue, stain (dye) it with chemicals to highlight certain sub-cellular structures or proteins, and observe it under a microscopy to make a manual judgement about presence, severity, and outcome of a disease. With whole slide scanners, high resolution infrared micro-spectroscopes, graphics processing units (GPUs), and deep convolutional neural networks, it is time to change that. We work on developing algorithms to analyze cancer tissue images for precision oncology. Our aim is to not only bring accuracy, precision, and efficiency to routine cancer pathology, but to devise studies and algorithms, to train and test computers for new tests that help in treatment planning and prevention of cancers..

Photo -Array Dinesh K. Sharma

+91-22-2576-7432 (O)
Email: dinesh[AT]
Research Interests: MOS device modeling VLSI design and technology. Microelectronics - technology and device characterisation mixed signal design.

Photo -Array Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar

+91-22-2576-7440 (O)
+91-22-2576-8440 (R)
Email: rks[AT]
Research Interests: Fibre Optic Communication Photonics Non-linear fibre optics Antennas Image Processing Radio Astronomy.

Photo -Array Maryam Shojaei Baghini

+91-22-2576-7425 (O)
+91-22-2576-8425 (R)
Email: mshojaei[AT]
Research Interests: Technology-aware design (device circuit co-design), integrated circuits and system design with emerging devices, Analog/Mixed-signal VLSI design and test (SoC, LV, LP, LE, Biomedical/Biosensors, Bio-inspired circuits and systems, I/O, highly-precise circuits and systems, instrumentation, energy harvesting and many more applications), Specific technologies and performance-optimized analog/mixed-signal/RF circuits & systems for healthcare applications, Integrated power management for SOC applications, High-speed data transmission and interconnects, Circuit and system modeling/optimization, Circuit and system design with organic thin film components, RF/Microwave integrated circuit design, Analog aspects of digital circuits, Sensor-Circuit Integration, Analog/Mixed-signal/RF EDA (CAD tools, theory and implementation), VLSI design and embedded systems.

Photo -Array Anshuman Shukla

+91-22-2576-7415 (O)
Email: ashukla[AT]
Research Interests: Multilevel converters and Modulation and control of power electronic converters, Power electronics applications in power systems (FACTS, HVDC, custom power devices, etc.), Renewable energies and Energy storage, Control of electric drives, Hybrid and solid-state circuit breakers and current limiters.

Photo -Array Virendra Singh

+91-22-2576-9432 (O)
Email: viren[AT]
Research Interests: Computer Architecture Processor architecture & micro-architecture VLSI Testing Fault-tolerant computing Robust design and architectures Self-healing system design SoC/NoC design and test Post Silicon Debug High level synthesis Formal verification.

Photo -Array Shreevardhan A. Soman

+91-22-2576-7435 (O)
+91-22-2576-8435 (R)
Email: soman[AT]
Research Interests: Power system analysis, computation and economics, Power system protection.

Photo -Array Virendra R. Sule

+91-22-2576-7492 (O)
Email: vrs[AT]
Research Interests: Cryptology: Block and stream ciphers, efficient arithmetic for public key cryptography, algebraic cryptanalysis, Dynamical systems and feedback control theory: Boolean dynamical systems, design of feedback compensation for high bandwidth analogue systems, Stabilization theory. Extension of feedback theory for linear active network synthesis, Computation: Algorithms for parallel computation, solutions of Boolean equations and applications.

Photo -Array Siddharth Tallur

+91-22-2576-9422 (O)
Email: stallur[AT]
Research Interests: RF MEMS, Photonics, Opto-Mechanics, Micro- and Nano-fabrication, Sensor Systems.

Photo -Array Ashwin A. Tulapurkar

+91-22-2576-7405 (O)
Email: ashwin [AT]
Research Interests: Spintronics, Physics of nano-devices, Spin-current induced magnetization switching, RF properties of spintronic devices, Noise, Thermoelectric effects.

Photo -Array Juzer M. Vasi

+91-22-2576-7408 (O)
Email: vasi[AT]
Research Interests: Silicon photovoltaic devices, Nanocrystal based solar cells, Reliability of solar modules, Photovoltaic deployment in India, CMOS insulators, transport in MOS insulators, Nanoelectronics.

Photo -Array Rajbabu Velmurugan

+91-22-2576-7444 (O)
+91-22-2576-8444 (R)
Email: rajbabu[AT]
Research Interests: Statistical and digital signal processing, Signal processing system design, Particle filter applications, Target tracking systems.

Photo -Array Saravanan Vijayakumaran

+91-22-2576-7498 (O)
Email: sarva[AT]
Research Interests: Signal Processing for Communications, Parallel Simulation Algorithms.

Photo -Array Rajesh H. Zele

+91-22-2576-7441 (O)
+91-22-2576-8441 (R)
Email: rajeshzele[AT]
Research Interests: RF, Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits for Communication Applications.