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EE2: Control and Computing
Ayan Sengupta ayansengupta[AT] 16307R005
Prasad Parameswaran prasadp[AT] 163079011
Sarthak Sharma sarthakiitb[AT] 163079010
Mohd Faizuddin Faruqui faizuddin[AT] 163074002
Arvind Chauhan arvind[AT] 163070027
Harsh Solanki harshiitr[AT] 163070026
Thilak P thilakp[AT] 163070025
Manoj Kumar Patel manojpatel[AT] 163070024
Sudhanshu Shekhar sudshekh[AT] 163070023
Ashutosh Khare kashutosh[AT] 163070022
Sreeraj U K sreerajuk[AT] 163070021
Gowda Akash Ravindra akashgowda[AT] 163070020
Nirmal R Krishnan nirmalrk[AT] 163070019
Sudhanshu Singh sudhanshus[AT] 163070018
Saran K.k sarankk[AT] 163070017
Milan Kumar Yadav milanyadav[AT] 163070016
Palak Bansal palakbansal[AT] 163070015
Jithu Krishna jithukrishna[AT] 15307R002
Soumya Dutta soumyadutta[AT] 15307R001
Pawan Vithoba Bansode pawanbansode[AT] 153079035
Pawar Anant Tukaram anantpawar[AT] 153079012
Khadse Akshay Sunil akshaykhadse[AT] 153079011
Mahesh Satish Bothe maheshbothe[AT] 153074010
Mr. Rishav Raj Purbey rishav[AT] 153072003
Mastik Kumar mastik[AT] 153070031
Agradeep Singh agradeep[AT] 153070030
Pankaj Tulshiram Adhage pankajadhage[AT] 153070029
Wala Ankit Hitesh walaankit[AT] 153070026
Rajan Mantri mantrirajan[AT] 153070025
Mohit Ludhiyani mludhiyani[AT] 153070024
Jitesh Jha jiteshjha[AT] 153070023
Anshu Goel anshug[AT] 153070022
Suprojit Mukherjee msuprojit[AT] 153070021
Wasu Shantanu Rameshwar shantanuwasu[AT] 153070020
Ranjeet Pratap Singh ranjeetpbbd[AT] 153070019
Soumallya Chatterjee soumallya[AT] 153070018
Twinkale Bajaj twinkalestar[AT] 153070017
Sivaneswaran S sivaneswaran[AT] 14T070003
Dwaipayan Sardar dwaipayan[AT] 143079009
Mohit Chhabra mohitchhabra[AT] 143079008
Sunanda Babu Vimula sunand[AT] 143074010
Avishkar Palegar S avishkarps[AT] 143070037
Aeshwer Tyagi aeshwer[AT] 143070036
Subhadip Hazra subhadiph[AT] 143070035
Sabita Kumari sabita[AT] 143070034
Neelu Sreekumar neelu[AT] 143070032
Mohd Tariq mdtariq[AT] 143070031
Eesavoina Premnath Yadav premkumar[AT] 143070030
Pankaj Kumar Patel pankajpatel[AT] 143070029
Suhani csuhani[AT] 143070028
Ullash Bhattacharya ullash[AT] 143070027
Digbalay Bose digbalay[AT] 143070026
Kanika Mittal kanikamittal[AT] 143070025
Mohit Gagrani mohitgagrani[AT] 143070023
Maddi Lakshmi Narayana mlnarayana[AT] 143070020
Imrul Qais imrulq[AT] 143070019
Ankit Vijay ankitvijay[AT] 143070017