Web Site Issues

Is there a way to delete some of the revisions using sys ad privileges? (There is no need to keep ALL revisions)

“Schedules” is not lighting up in Academics page, when the cursor goes there.

Need to update (rewrite) the visitor programme page.

Course pages: each course to have a wiki page. All public-domain information to be kept on the same page, links to be provided to course material which is not to be shared with outside audience.

Staff page: Anil to supply photo’s, a script is to be written (like the one we have for faculty) which will generate the html file automatically. (There will be no “Areas of interest”)

Adjunct faculty: The best place seems to be just after the current regular faculty members. Prof. L.R.S., Prof Borkar (from TIFR) will be in this category. Need to get their details/photo.

Profs GK and GPS need to be swapped. It is perhaps best to make this change in the text file and run Hitesh’s script to produce the html page. –This is already done. but done without any script. — Anish Anil Patankar 2007/03/17 18:20 — B.Tech, DD(uE), DD(Comm) need to be at the same level in the acad page. –This is also done. — Anish Anil Patankar 2007/03/17 18:20

Can e mail be read in a more direct manner?
— Something like the CSE website?

The department office could maintain the list of students, their projects and project guides. Even the curriculum pages can be hosted on the wiki. For this, the office can be given a wiki login.

The visitors page is still having the old contents.

We can add a link related to projects done by students in past and also the ongoing projects (mostly the BTP’s and DDP’s). Many people outside IIT have asked me regarding the type of projects done in IIT etc..

The list of students needs to be updated.

Many faculty information pages have links to course information pages (in the courses offered section) that point to pages in the old website. These course information pages could be hosted on the wiki.

The link to faculty pages through research is still showing old pages. this needs to be updated too. — Swapnil Bandekar 2006/04/08 23:59

Address rewriting is finally working with the wiki. Now, wiki pages can be accessed from, for example, http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/wiki/faculty:mbpatil instead of http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/wiki/doku.php/faculty:mbpatil
The faculty page on the main website has been edited to reflect these changes. Of course, the old links will still work.

Old Issues and changes

The issues relating to the previous (incomplete) release of the new website are listed below.

Changes done

  • VIP lab entry has been added in place of Multimedia Signal Processing Lab in the labs page.
  • The link to the list of publications on each of the faculty pages has been corrected. Unfortunately, the data is somewhat out of date.
  • Prof. Belur has created a masthead for the wiki that is consistent with the look of the main page.


  • Anyone adding information in this wiki page, please leave your signature. Click on the last icon on the page toolbar (just above this text entry area, in edit mode), or press ALT-Y.

Aveek Bhattacharya 2006/02/22 21:54

Web crash and restoration

  • It appears that crash of the old website was caused by the disk running out of free space. This has now been fixed, and the old ‘People’ pages are now available. The rest of the pages are from the new website.

Aveek Bhattacharya 2006/02/23 15:15

Aveek Bhattacharya 2006/02/24 11:56

Changes made to Wiki layout

  • The top banner of the page has been removed.

Aveek Bhattacharya 2006/03/17 14:44

Changes to be done

Easy changes to make:

  • Multimedia Signal Processing Lab does not exist? Replace by vip lab in the dept lab page.
  • Check out the links at the bottom of all pages. Some of them do not work.
  • Time tables, etc (the “schedules” link from Academics page) should also appear in the “Useful Internal Links.”


  • Also in the people/students section some names are in full capital while for some even the 1st letter is not capitalized.
  • Prof. AMK’s areas of interest
  • On the page titled ‘Useful Internal Links’ http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/internal_links.html, the link regarding useful information on LaTeX was broken. I fixed it, by changing the extension of the link from html to htm.
  • On the page http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/people.html, there is a blank section after the heading ‘B. Tech.’. Also, the links on the left navigation bar are broken. It appears that the original idea was to have separate pages for students under different programmes, but this was not followed. Curiously, this page can be reached by clicking on the link titled ‘People’ on the faculty page, which in turn can be reached from the home page by clicking the same link.
  • There is no ‘alt’ text for the link images. In case the images do not load, the user is unable to navigate the site. Perhaps, the web designer can be asked to provide relevant ‘alt’ text.
  • The reason that no email is being sent via the submission system on the ‘Contact’ page is that no ‘action’ has been defined for the form submission (line 113 in the html document). The data (typed in by the user) is being sent, but there is no entity that receives this data. Typically, a CGI script is written that takes the data submitted and converts it into an email, and then sends it. The web designer should provide the CGI script.
  • Also, I notice that VIP lab is nowehere listed. Pl include ‘Vision & Image Processing Lab’. Somewhere I saw ‘multimedia signal procesing lab’ – is this correct? I am not aware of this.

From Prof. VRS:

  1. My data such as photograph, list of publications, has vanished.
  2. One recent photograph of mine was clicked by someone in our dept but it was never put up. So at least the old one can be placed. The new page does not have my photograph.
  3. Many other updated information which existed in the earlier web page does not appear now.

From Prof. DKS:

  1. vacant area on the left on the main page could have links (artist needs to do this)
  2. acad/.. buttons to be made more prominent
  3. DD is appearing as a part of B.Tech.

9th February

  • Images of faculty and staff should be named consistently, according to their login IDs.
  • Wiki template to be set up for appearance consistent with main website.
  • Details for faculty (and staff?) in the people page to be converted to wiki, for easy editing. This also requires that all people be given wiki logins.
  • Currently the link for Prof. Fernandes’s information leads to the page for Prof. Belur.
  • The empty space to the left of the text on the home page needs to be filled with navigation links.
  • The link at the bottom of all pages called ‘Academics’ was broken. Was fixed by setting up a symbolic link to ‘admissions’.

General Information

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