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A. M. Kulkarni


Research Interests:

  • Power System Dynamics
  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems
  • HVDC Transmission Systems.

Courses Offered

Academic Background

  • Received B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1992 from the University of Roorkee.
  • Received M.E in 1994, and Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering in 1997, from IISc Bangalore.

Contact Information

Department of Electrical Engineering
IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai 400 076, India
Email : anil[AT]
Phone (Internal(O)) : (0091 22) - 2576 7416
Phone (Internal(R)) : 8416
Office room no: 031
Fax: (0091 22) - 25723707
Personal Homepage

List of Publications

  1. U.P.Mhaskar and A.M.Kulkarni, “Power Oscillation Damping using FACTS Devices: Modal Controllability, Observability in Local Signals and Location of Transfer Function Zeros”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol.21 No.1 Feb. 2006, Pages:.
  2. K.N.Shubhanga and A.M.Kulkarni, “Stability-constrained generation rescheduling using energy margin sensitivities”,IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 19, No.3 , Aug. 2004 Pages:1402 - 1413.
  3. K.N.Shubhanga and A.M.Kulkarni, “Determination of effectiveness of transient stability controls using reduced number of trajectory sensitivity computations”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,Vol. 19, No.1, Feb. 2004, Pages:473 - 482.
  4. U.P.Mhaskar, A.B.Mote, A.M.Kulkarni, “A new formulation for load flow solution of power systems with series FACTS devices”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol.18, No.4 , Nov. 2003 Pages:1307 - 1315
  5. K.N.Shubhanga and A.M.Kulkarni, “Application of Structure Preserving Energy Margin Sensitivities to determine effectiveness of Shunt and Series FACTS devices”, IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, Vol 17, No. 3, Aug. 2002, Pages:730-738
  6. K.R.Padiyar and A.M.Kulkarni , 'Control Design and Simulation of Unified Power Flow Controller ',IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, Vol 13, No.3, Oct. 1998, Pages:1348-1354
  7. A.M.Kulkarni,K.R.Padiyar , 'Damping of Power Swings using Series FACTS Controllers ', International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, pp. 475-495, July 1999 .
  8. K.R.Padiyar and A.M.Kulkarni, 'Design of Reactive Current and Voltage Controller of Static Condenser',International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems , vol. 19, No.6, pp.397-410, 1997.
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