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EMAIL: krish {AT} sankaran {DOT} org

PROFILE SUMMARY: Entrepreneur & Academic. Trained in engineering science, Vedanta philosophy, and organisational leadership. Worked in R&D, operations and general management in all three sectors, namely,

  • Business: ABB, Alstom, Swissmetal
  • Government: European Commission
  • Civil society: World Economic Forum, ETH Zurich

Past industrial engagements include overall project development and execution (several million EUR revenue) with profit and loss responsibilities in 8 countries and 3 continents.

RESEARCH: My work lies in three areas, namely, Engineering Physics (developing new technologies), Business (technology-driven innovation and entrepreneurship), and Organisational Leadership (policy- & governance-focused).

  • Engineering physics: Terahertz energy harvesting and sensing, applied electromagnetics and modelling
  • Business: Technology-driven innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership: Informed policy development & simulation (energy-water-food nexus, rural & urban development, organisational transformation)

OPEN PROJECTS: Currently I have the following open projects for which I am looking for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.
Interested students please contact me through email: sankaran {AT} iitb {DOT} ac {DOT} in

Engineering Topics:

  1. Design and fabrication of nano-scale energy harvesting and sensing devices.
  2. Multiphysics modelling using algebraic topological method.
  3. Design and fabrication of water desalination devices
  4. Other projects project_proposal.pdf

Developmental Topics:

  1. Policy simulation using system dynamic models for energy-water-food nexus.
  2. Rural and urban systems.

@ IIT-Bombay

2017 (Jan-semester)

  1. Terahertz: Technology & Applications (EE780)
  2. Technology-driven Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEP/QIP)
  3. CDEEP course on Terahertz

2016 (Jan-semester)

  1. Computational Electromagnetics & Applications (EE725)
  2. Technology-driven Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEP/QIP)
  3. NPTEL MOOC on Computational Electromagnetics & Applications - 5 minutes video:

@ ETH Zurich

2016 (Autumn semester)



  • Sankaran K. Applied Electromagnetic Modelling for Terahertz Energy Harvesting, currently in preparation.
  • Sankaran K (2016 Nov). Beyond DIV, CURL and GRAD: modelling electromagnetic problems using algebraic topology, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Taylor & Francis, 1-29.
  • Sankaran K. Magnesium-Air Battery: Design of Electrodes & Electrolyte for Electric Vehicles (working on the paper - concept note available on request)
  • Sankaran. K. Alternative Renewable Energy Storage and Water Desalination System (concept note available on request)
  • Sankaran. K, Energy-Water Nexus: An Integrated Approach (2013 Oct): European Panel on Innovation, Rome, Italy.
  • Global Risks 2012 (2012 Jan) focusing on energy & water technological development & challenges. World Economic Forum, 2012.
  • Sankaran. K. Renewable Energy: Market Potential and Trends in Switzerland (2010 Sep): Market Forecast for Northern Power Systems (2010 Oct).
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2006 Dec). Uniaxial and Radial Anisotropy Models for Finite-Volume Maxwellian Absorber. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 54, 4297-4304.
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2006 Mar). Cell-centered finite- volume based perfectly matched layer for time domain Maxwell system. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 54, 1269-1276.
  • Fumeaux. C, Baumann. D, Sankaran. K, Krohne. K, Vahldieck. R and Li. E. (2007 Jun). The finite-volume time-domain method for 3D solutions of Maxwell’s equations in complex geometries: A review. European Microwave Association (EuMA) Journal. 3(2), 136-146.
  • Fumeaux. C, Sankaran. K and Vahldieck. R. (2007 Dec). Spherical perfectly matched absorber for finite-volume 3-D domain truncation. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. 55(12), 2773-2781.
  • Kaufmann. T, Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C, Vahldieck. R. (2008 Sep). A review of perfectly matched absorbers for the finite-volume time-domain method. Applied Computational Electromagnetics (ACES) Journal. 23(3), 184-192.
  • Fumeaux. C, Almpanis. G, Sankaran. K, Baumann. D and Vahldieck. R. (2007 Nov) Finite-volume time-domain modelling of the mutual coupling between dielectric resonator antennas in array configurations. Second European Conference on Antennas and Propagation Proceedings (EuCAP 2007), EICC, Edinburgh, UK.
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2007 Oct). An investigation of the accuracy of finite-volume radial domain truncation technique. Accepted for publication in the proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics in Time- Domain (CEM-TD 2007), Perugia, Italy.
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2007 Jun). Radial Absorber for Conformal Time-Domain Method: A Solution to Corner Problem. IEEE International Microwave Symposium Digest - IMS, Honolulu, Hawaii (Best Student Paper Award - Honorary Mention).
  • Sankaran. K, Kaufmann. T, Fumeaux. C, Vahldieck. R. (2007 Mar). Unified Theory of Perfectly Matched Absorber for Finite-Volume Time-Domain Simulations, Invited Contribution, ACES 2007, Verona, Italy.
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2006 Dec). Hybrid PML-ABC Truncation Techniques for Finite-Volume Time-Domain Simulations, IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference - APMC, Yokohama, Japan.
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2006 Sep). Split and Unsplit Finite-Volume Absorbers: Formulation and Performance Comparison, IEEE European Microwave Week - EuMW, Manchester, UK.
  • Sankaran. K, Fumeaux. C and Vahldieck. R. (2006 Jun). Finite-Volume Maxwellian Absorber on Unstructured Grid. IEEE International Microwave Symposium Digest - IMS, San Fransisco, USA. (Best Student Paper Award Recipient - 3rd Prize)
  • Sankaran. K, and Fortuny-Guasch. J. (2004 Mar). Radar Remote Sensing for Oil Spill Classification (Optimization for Enhanced Classification, IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference - MELECON, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


  • Sankaran. K (2015). Indian Education Crisis: Challenges in Curriculum Building (Mar 2015). Available at SSRN:
  • Sankaran. K (2015). Transformation Map: An Approach to Reduce Organizational Complexities. Preprint available at SSRN.
  • Sankaran. K (2014). A Relational Theory of Change and Transformation (Mar 24, 2014). Preprint available at SSRN:
  • Sankaran. K (2014). Energy-Water-Food Nexus: Redesigning Socio-Economic & Environmental Systems, European Innovation Forum, Italy.
  • Sankaran. K (2014). Transformation Maps - How to transform information to practical wisdom? A process oriented roadmap for decision makers. Presentation made as one of the finalist in Falling Wall Labs Zurich.
  • Sankaran. K (2013). Systemic cyber risks – policy, regulation and need for new models – Invited by the Colombian Government – Ministry of Telecommunication. Building Colombian Govt. Strategy for Managing Systemic Critical Infrastructure related cyber risks – Bogota, Colombia, April 2013.
  • Sankaran. K (2013). Mining & Metal Industry Risks Mapping – Socio-Economic & Environmental Issues – Governors Public and Private Sector Dialogues – Davos, Switzerland, January 2013
  • Sankaran. K (2013). Supply chain and transport risks - assessment studies with the industry group through World Economic Forum
  • Sankaran. K (2013). Building resilience in business environmental and socio-economic systems: the need for interdisciplinary research.PUCP, Lima, Peru.
  • “Global Risks 2012” research report focusing on public, private and civil sector actors – World Economic Forum, 2012.
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