Academic year: 2003    Academic Semester: 2
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EE 701  Introduction to MEMS

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Faculty: Apte P. R.







0.0 to 4.0

95.0 %

100.0 %

95.0 %

91.67 %

91.67 %

4.0 to 8.0

87.28 %

88.47 %

87.3 %

85.23 %

87.66 %

8.0 to 10.0

89.51 %

91.21 %

90.65 %

83.91 %

89.0 %

0.0 to 10.0

88.49 %

89.96 %

89.09 %

84.58 %

88.39 %

Total number of students participated (in the cpi range 0.0 to 10.0) : 198

Comments posted by the students
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State(a)what you liked most about the course, (b) what you liked least, (c) what you think can be done to improve the course, (d) if Instructor designed questions have been provided with this form give your answers to the same. Include any other relevant comments.
         the course was mostly a primer to MEMS. The course could be any better than this. The large strength of students in course indicates how hot the field is. The audio files of the lecture was really helpful in reviewing the course at crunch time, giving the vital points/answers. Comic relief during the lectures by the professor was quite a relief, an ice-breaker. Overall the course was worth taking.
         Nice course ....and prof apte is gr8! Mems RULZ!!!!!!!!!
         an excellent introductory course..but i guess the course could be a little bit more advanced...most of undergrads took the course in 4th yr 2nd sem, so this might be the only course in this field we might ever i guess we can raise level of this course a lttle bit...whn the question comes about the varied background of ppl, i dont think that should define the boundaries of course content. if a person wants to study, he will, we shd not make course simple for those ppl. please keep the idea of providing the lecture helps to recollect wht all was taught in lecture better..
         This was the best and peaceful course which not only provided ample amount of fundaes but was provided in a rather simplest way with not much effort. On the whole it was a course that was worthwile taking and the instructor was very effective.
         Please do not make other comments during the lecture. It results in decrease in curuiosity.
         This is a greaat course and we need to have more such courses where the workload is not too high and we can also understand the latest technological stuff going on. OVerall I also feel that Prof Apte was an excellent professor.
         great tutor and good subject
         good course...but in exams instead of theorey whole paper shld be numericals numericals let us understand course better, theorey shld not be given high it will make course a maggu course still amng best course in insti
         every professor should learn from him
         Total number of students in this course were too many. There has to be a limit for maximum number of students who can take a course, or this course can be provided during both the semesters so that students are evenly distributed. Overall this course was a good one. I should rather say, a project with 20-30 % weightage, than a quiz would have been more helpful.
         course was vry well organized
         It was a wonderful experience to take this course. Prof. Apte is a perfect example of how a Prof. should be.
         The efforts of Prof.Apte in conducting the course very well for students with different backgrounds is appreciable. His efforts to make students feel excited and think of research is really great
         This course should be made compulsory for some of the departments like mechanical, electronics, aerospace, biomedical,etc. this course can improve interdiscipinary application understanding of the subject, which is the need of time.
         we enjoyed every lecture in terms of subject as well as professor teaching he has got a kind to motivate the students towards the subject good professor and well available outside the class room as well to clarify the doubts.good professor taught a very good subject in a nice manner and with effective lectures
         I liked the new emerging concept explained by the teacher
         Prof. Apte is very good teacher but They should limit the maximum number of student i think only 30 to 40 students
         The presentation of the course material by the instructor was exceptional and accompanied by good jokes in between.
         Instructer has excellent teaching skills and generates interest in his subject.
         The good point about Prof. Apte is that he arouses interest in students for his subject without bullying or intimidateing them with a very cool attitude. It was really worthwhile to take this course.
         Simply Good and nice teacher!!
         Excellent course; must continue the good work
         Its very well organised
         (a) the multiple mid-sem concept of sir, to give students another chance if they perform poorly in an exam (b) nothing (c) everything is fine
         The course could be more effective, if real life assignments or projects are included in it.
         very nice course
         500 students is too much
         the way of teaching
         the proffesor has excellent teaching abilities.
         An excellent course. Well thaught by the instructor. Certainly benificial.
         Some assignments or a course project have to be included to enable us in getting better command over the subject.
         1)The material and audio lectures were available on the Intranet. 2)Articulate teaching by the instructor.
         nice lecture. it was quite informative
         I like the subject because not only teaches in regular hours, he conducts extra classes for ur benefit. Moreover, with lots of pain he himself made availble the required course material for the students through net(slides + audio)and xerox material. I am very happy to see such a professor in my life, who looks for the benefit of the student in all the ways.
         it is a very nice course and give a understanding ofg MEMS
         good course
         As a institute elective i think this is a very good subject.Because it is giving a good exposure to a new subject & the teaching method is also appreciable.
         Great course and great instructor.. good amount of learning.. this course should be there... for ever
         phew ... a class with 600 odd students ... but u wont find more than 50 students in the classroom (and there are more than 250 students who haven`t attended a single lecture - they got to see who the instructor is in the exam hall only :) ... and this happens when u dont take attendance (ok taking attendance of 600 students is not possible), but then u provide the students with ur recorded lectures (that too synchronoused with the lecture scanned slides), so do u really expect anyone to come to the class ... and this really frustrated me during the first half of the sem ... but the I started feeling sorry to see the plight of the instructor ... Prof Apte, a man with great patientce ... he never complained (??) ... he too was aware of the situation, but was helpless (??) ... and I really appreciate his decision of not running this course from next year ...
         Except the exams (which are comparatively simple) all the content of course is excellent. I haven`t seen this much preparation by the instructor in past. Instructor is excellent teacher and having knowledge of what to give the general class of student. I like this course very much.
         good course dealing with upcoming concept
         This is the best course I ever came accross in my IIT stay. Prof Apte did everything possible one prof can do...I mean compulsions...easy slides..available lecture (audio)..and what not!! Really enjoyed the course..and learned a lot.!! hoping for grading in same kind way:)
         Professor has got excellent teaching capabilities
         (a) Organisation of course (b) Number of students (c) decrease the number of students
         I just love prof Apte and his course...too good!
         a)completely new area, the sophistication and perfection in teaching,
         this course was very much interesting and the instructor was lenient
         This was one of the best courses ever taken by me. I was greatly impressed by the amount of effort Prof Apte has taken to make such a tough subject so easy. He is very dedicated and commited on his assignment. No wonder why this was such a popular subject among the students.
         Interesting subject to learn,and taught very well.
         The instructor is very good and taught the course in a very interesting way. The content was very good covering the topic in a very wide sence
         Excellent structure of course

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