Animals Welfare Group

The campus of IIT Bombay is home to lots of flora and fauna: the fauna includes birds, dogs, cattle, butterflies, snakes, monkeys, langurs, leopards and humans. There are some rare species too: we are not trying to be exhaustive here.

While most campus residents appreciate the presence of various animals, there are instances of conflicts between monkeys-humans, dogs-humans, cattle-humans. Methods to minimize conflicts are complex: some residents feel all non-humans are best eliminated from the campus: of course, there are very few such residents. Some others believe feeding animals aggravates these conflicts, while others believe feeding alleviates these.

The Animals-Welfare-Group strives to minimize conflicts. Please write to belur[AT] for any conflict/complaint/interest-in-helping/etc.

We have been

The institute has supported the activity both in spirit and monetarily. The institute fund is used through procedures approved by the institute, i.e. the expenses are subject to the institute accounts and audit procedures like all other institute activities. The institute fund is used for:

The institute fund is NOT used for

The institute fund is handled by Krishnan, Prita and (initially) Madhu.

Our current efforts are still focussed towards neutering and vaccination. Please drop an email to belur[at] (without square brackets, replacing 'at' by @) and mention if you want to be included in the googlegroup, and if you can help in coaxing a dog into our car (for taking to the vet for the neutering operation).

A presentation that was made to the Deans' committee in May 2016 that contains more information is available at

Another webpage our group maintains is:

For useful FAQs to deal with stray dogs: - (Sumant Rao) - (Daniel Roy)

Some recent activities:

Total dogs on campus neutered (since Aug-2015): 125. Estimate of dogs yet to be neutered (as of August 19): 25: these are all either exceedingly shy or puppies.

Minutes of past meetings can be found at:

Document last updated on 14th August, 2019