Madhu Belur Arujun Arunachalam


Madhu Belur

Email: belur[AT]ee.iitb
Office: 237 A, EE Main
Office hours: None (send email)

Arjun Arunachalam

Email: a_arjun[AT]ee.iitb
Office: 3**D, EE Main
Office hours: 2:00pm-3:00pm Wed (by appointment)


22/01/11: Welcome to the EE 342 Control and Communications (minor) class. Please bookmark this website, and go through it carefully. Check periodically for any announcements. Read the class information very carefully.

Class information

Lectures: 9:30am to 11:00am, Wed and Fri in GG 002

Course weightage:
Homeworks (10); Four quizzes (20); One midterm (35); One final (35).
Total: 10 + 4 x 5 + 2 x 35 = 100.

Attendance: Attendance is compulsory in the lectures. Make sure that you are present for at least 80% of the lectures in the class. No exceptions will be entertained.

Exam information: Exams will be held during the exam-weeks. Quizzes will be announced and they will be held in class. There will be no surprise quizzes.

Homework policy: It is very very important to maintain academic honesty and therefore do not copy any homeworks. While you are encouraged to discuss the problems and their solutions, you should write your own independent solutions.


Homeworks and their solutions will be added here.

Click here for assignment 1 Homework 1 is to be submitted on 28th January at 5:00am sharp in CC lab 2.