EE 635: Applied Linear Algebra Course Webpage


  • This semester is fully online.

  • There will be video lectures uploaded - roughly about 6 lectures each being 20 mins long - every week.

  • The material from the current week's video lecture will be discussed, analysed, debated upon during the slots alloted by the institute timetable (Slot 12: Mondays 17:30:00 to 18:55:00, Thursdays 17:30:00 to 18:55:00).

  • These discussion sessions will be online, on Google Classroom platform (please see the email from the Deputy Director (AIA) dt. August 5 to do everything required for you to successfully attend these sessions).

  • The course code to join the Google Classroom wiil be shared on Moodle.

  • You need to have completed SSO login procedure for attending these sessions, and access the video lectures.

  • These discussion sessions are absolutely mandatory to attend.

  • Uploading site(s) for the video lectures will be shared with you here, as well as on MS Team dedicated to EE635.

  • Please check the link below for the syllabus.



Contact details of TAs

  • Imrul:

  • Karim:

  • Avinash Dubey:

  • Pratyush Ragini Singh:

  • Apoorv Kishore:

  • Kumar Ashutosh:

  • Saket Pateriya:

  • Chinmay Garanayak:

  • Nikhil Pagar: