Mart L. Molle and D. Manjunath, "Technique for Measuring Response Times in Local Area
Networks", Invention assigned to the University of Toronto for possible patenting and com-
mercial exploitation.



  1. Remote-NAT for Always Best Connected Service: Design and development of service that allows
    connection oriented applications to survive network address changes by the mobile hosts. A
    network and link-layer solution is designed.

  2. Arrowsmith: Suite of tools for Intranet connectivity and availability monitoring using Untwine
    and Internet performance monitoring using real time trac analysis and iPathmeter, a Non
    cooperative Internet path characteristics measurement tool.

  3. QNAT: Queueing Network Analysis Tool: Developed in collaboration with Prof S. K. Bose and
    students. This is GUI based tool for the MS Windows environment to specify and analyse
    networks of queues using Mathematica as the computing engine. The second version of this
    was released in Feb 1999. The executables of this software are available in the public domain
    and is available for download from More than
    1300 downlaods as of Feb 2002.