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Basic Electrical Circuits
Code :EE152

Prerequisite :
Aim :
Developing Basic Fundamentals about Electrical Engineering.
Content :
Kirchhoff's Laws: KCL, KVL and their limitations.
Classification of devices of an electrical circuit; Basic
devices: resistors, controlled sources, diodes,
capacitors and inductors, ideal transformers.
Basic circuit analysis methods: nodal, mesh and modified
nodal-analysis. Transient analysis of RL, RC and RLC
Network Theorems: Tellegen's theorem, superposition theorem,
Thevenin-Norton theorem, substitution theorem, reciprocity
heorem, maxpower-transfer theorem, star-delta- transformation.
Steady state sinusoidal analysis: phasors, phasor diagrams;
Power in ac circuits, network analysis methods and network
theorems recalled; Polyphase circuits.
Circuits with ideal transformers.
K.V.V. Murthy and M.S.Kamath, Basic Circuit Analysis, 1st
edition (reprinted with corrections) Jaico Publishing, 1998.
W.H. Hayt and J.E. Kemmerley, Engineering Circuit Analysis,
Int.St.Ed.(4th) McGraw Hill, 1986.
Announcements :

Schedule :
Tuesday - 4-5PM Wednesday - 4-5PM Friday - 2-3PM

Instructor : H. Narayanan
Type :Undergraduate
Sem : Spring
Credits: 6
Lecture Hours per Week :2
Tutorial Hours per Week : 1

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