Chairman                                 Dr. S. K. Agarwal


Co-Chairman                            Prof. Vikram Kumar

                                                                   Dr. Pran Kishan


Secretary                                 Prof. Mushahid Husain


Joint Secretaries                      Dr. R. Muralidharan

                                                                   Dr. S. Chandra


Treasurer                                 Dr. V. K .Jain


Members                                   Dr. Harsh

Prof. K. N. Bhatt

Prof. Z. H. Zaidi

Prof. D. N. Bose

Dr. Vishnu Gopal




(a)     To promote science and technology of semiconductor materials and devices.


(b)    To organize The International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices biennially.


(c)     To promote active interactions between academic, R&D and industrial institutions in order to propagate effective application of the basic knowledge, to technology in the field of Semiconductor Devices.


(d)    To arrange lectures, seminars, discussions, workshops, summer schools courses and publication for the continuing education in the field.


(e)     To secure grants, funds and endowments from members of the society; Government Agencies; Academic Institutions and Industrial Organizations.


(f)      To frame rules and regulations to enable the Society to guide itself from time to time in order to carry out its objectives.


(g)     To undertake and execute all other acts which shall promote all or any of the aims and objectives of the Society.




Prof. Vikram Kumar


Prof. Z. H. Zaidi


Dr. Krishan Lal


Dr. P. K. Basu


Dr. R. K. Jain


Prof. O. P. Agnihotri


Dr. Pran Kishan


Dr. V. K. Jain


Dr. Vishnu Gopal


Dr. R. Muralidharan


Mr. G .D. Sharda


Dr. S. K. Agarwal


Prof. Mushahid Husain


Prof. H.K. Sehgal


Prof. Yogendra Kumar


Dr. T. Haldar


Dr. Harsh


Prof. K. N. Bhat


Dr. Y. N. Mohpatra


Dr. Sudhir Chandra


Dr. B. K .Das