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IEEE Standards Medallion awarded by IEEE Standards Association, USA for accomplishments that have resulted in revolutionary changes to Indian Technology, Policy and Standardization in December 2016 in New Jersey, USA. Gram Marg Team 3GPP Organizational Partners (OP) Meeting, New Delhi, April 2016 20th Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) Meeting, New Delhi, April 2016 At Dhuktan site in Palghar Visit of Telecom Minister, Sarawak, Malaysia, March 2017 IITB Research Park Launch, October 2015 India-SDO-Statement-being-delivered Launch of NCETIS, September 2015 Launch of TSDSI, November 2013 Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Research Award for the year 2009 for contributions and achievements in the field of Electronics, Telematics, Informatics & Automation. With Prof. Robert Gallagar, September 2008 With Prof. Robert Gallagar and his wife, September 2008 Australia India Broadband & IT Workshop, 10-12 July, 2006