Past Students
  1. Anushree Neogi, Resource Allocation Techniques for Device-to-Device Communications, December 2018.
  2. Shubhada Gadgil, Performance Evaluation of IP Flow Mobility in Heterogeneous LTE-WLAN Network, January 2018.
    (Head, Computer Technology Department, Vartak Polytechnic College, Vasai, Maharashtra)
  3. Anshu Mittal, A Framework for Energy-Efficient Design-Space Exploration for Next Generation Communication Systems, July 2017. (Advisor: Prof. R. K. Shevgaonkar)
  4. Punit Rathod, Performance Characterization of Hybrid Wireless Network with WiFi Access and WiMAX Backhaul Links for Rural Broadband Applications, July 2014.
    (Wireless Networking Researcher, Intel Corporation, Bengaluru)
  5. Mahima Mehta, Radio Resource and Mobility Management Techniques in Heterogeneous Cellular Network, May 2014.
    (LTE Systems Engineer, Intel Mobile Communications, Bengaluru)
  6. Ranjan Bala Jain, On Tele-traffic analysis of Cellular OFDM Network, February 2013.
    (Faculty, Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technologyu (VESIT), Mumbai)
  7. R A Patil, On throughput Performance of Retransmission Protocols with Packet combining over Lossy Link, July 2012. (Co-advisor: Prof. Prasanna Chaporkar)
    (Faculty, College of Engineering Pune)
  8. Brijesh Kumar Rai, On Network Coding for Communicating the Sum of Symbols from Multiple Sources, July 2010. (Co-advisor: Prof. Bikash Dey)
    (Faculty, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, IIT Guwahati)
  9. Sanjay S Pawar, Performance Analysis of Spectral Amplitude Coded Optical Code Division Multiple Access System, January 2010. (Advisor: Prof. R. K. Shevgaonkar)
    (Principal, Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai)
  10. Hemant Kumar Rath, On Channel and Transport Layer Aware Scheduling and Congestion Control in Wireless Networks, July 2009.
    (Senior Scientist, TCS Networks Lab, Bengaluru)
  11. Nitin Salodkar, Online Algorithms for Delay Constrained Scheduling over a Fading Channel, May 2008.
    (Data Scientist, Zendrive, Bengaluru)
  12. Ashutosh Gore, On Wireless Link Scheduling and Flow Control, December 2008.
    (Senior Staff Engineer/Manager, Qualcomm, Bengaluru)
  13. R. Manivasakan, Correlated Inter-arrival Time Poisson Process (CIPP) for Modeling Broadband Teletraffic, June 2000. (Advisor: Prof. U. B. Desai)
    (Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras)

  14. Apart from PhD theses, I have supervised 127 MTech theses and 53 BTech projects

  1. Akash Ravindra Gowda, Performance Evaluation of Millimeter wave in 5G Testbed, 2018.
  2. Dudhia Vashishth Shounakbhai, On Some Aspects of Frugal 5G: Solution for Rural Broadband, 2018.
  3. Kartik Khulbe, Performance Evaluation of Mesh Networks in 60GHz, 2018.
  4. Akshay Kumar Bajpai, Design of Network Planning Tool for Broadband Connectivity in Rural India, 2017.
  5. Ojas Kanhere, Design and Implementation of a Software Defined Network Based Wireless Network Controller, 2017.
  6. Pola Lakshmi Priyanaka, On System Architecutre for SDN based Heterogeneous Network, 2017.
  7. Sweety Suman, Rural Broadband Network Planning and Spectrum Management, 2017.
  8. Shubham Saha, Design of pan-India Rural Broardband Network Planning Tool, 2017.
  9. Aniruddh Rao, `A Software Defined Network based Controller for Management of Large Scale WLAN', 2016.
  10. Chaitnaya Prasad N, `Analysis of Channel Allocation for Non-cooperative Operators with Cooperative Access Points in TV White Space', 2016.
  11. Chandra Mohan Sharma, `On design and implementation of Push-to-Talk Client and Server', 2016.
  12. Indraneel Mondal, `Resource Allocation for Device to Device Communication underlaying Cellular Network', 2016.
  13. Mahak Arora, `Broadband Connectivity for Rural India', 2016.
    (Now Wireless Network Engineer, Facebook, Mumbai)
  14. MPS Hemanth Kumar, `Greedy Algorithm based Spectrum Allocation for Multi-operator Networks in TV White Space', 2016.
  15. Soubhik Deb, `On Next Generation Network Architecture', 2016.
  16. Gaurang Naik, On the Feasibility of Providing Affordable Broadband Services Using Backhaul in TV White Spaces, 2015.
    (Now Graduate Research Assistant, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech)
  17. Karunakaran Kumar, On Optimization Techniques for Energy Efficient Operation of Cellular Wireless Networks, 2015.
  18. Sudesh Singhal, TV White Space: Quantitative Assessment and Backhaul Network for Rural Broadband in India, 2015.
  19. Venkhat V, Backlog Optimal Downlink Scheduling in Energy Harvesting Base Station in a Cellular Network, 2015.
  20. Vaibhav Saboo, Design of Network Management System for proposed Pilot TV White Space Testbed, 2015.
  21. Bharat Goel, LTE Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH) Implementation on Freescale Platform, 2015.
  22. Abhishek Muli, On Dual Connectivity in LTE based Cellular Heterogeneous Networks, 2014.
  23. Deeksha Sinha, Sleep-Wake Up Mechanisms for Cellular Heterogeneous Networks, 2014.
    (Now PhD candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  24. Vatsal Shah, Energy Efficient Scheduling Using Green Energy Sources, 2014.
    (Now Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin)
  25. Arijit Bhattacharya, Evaluating Approaches for Network LTE-WLAN Heterogeneous Based Traffic Offloading in Networks, 2014.
  26. Naireeta Kansabanik, Backhauling in TV White Spaces for Rural Broadband Applications, 2014.
  27. Priyanshu Shah, On Threshold Velocity for Pico to Micro Handover in Cellular Heterogeneous Network, 2014.
  28. Pravjot Singh, Mobility Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks, 2013.
    (Now Lead Engineer in Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore)
  29. Raj Doshi, Wireless Link Scheduling for Rural Broadband in TV White Spaces, 2013.
  30. Rupan Saharoy, On Energy-Efficient Techniques in Heterogeneous Networks, 2013.
  31. Deepak Garg, Propagation Characteristics and Channel Modeling in TV White Space, 2013.
  32. Niranjan P, Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, 2013.
  33. Shashi Ranjan, WLAN LTE Interworking: Principles and Performance, 2013.
  34. Suresh Pala, Evaluation of Blocking Probability in Two-Tier Femtocell Networks, 2013.
  35. Gaurav Varshney, IPHet: HetNet Architecture and Algorithm for Interference Management, 2012.
    (Now Global Strategy at Samsung, Seoul, Korea)
  36. Hutokshi Sethna, Load Balancing using Adaptive Relays in Cellular OFDMA Networks, 2012.
  37. Mihir Laghate, Downlink Stochastic Power Control for Cellular Networks with Femto Base Stations, 2012.
    (Now Senior Engineer, Qualcomm, Greater San Diego Area)
  38. Gaurav Tendolkar, IPHet: HetNet Architecture and Protocols for Mobility Management, 2012.
    (Now Senior System Software Engineer at NVIDIA, Bengaluru)
  39. Gayatri G, Sensing and Transmission Scheduling for Half-Duplex Cognitive Radios, 2012.
  40. Meghanad Shingate, Design and Implementation of Modular Switch Management Software on CeBRA Platform, 2012.
  41. Nirbhay Rane, Coordination based Resource Allocation for Downlink Interference Management in Macro-Femto Network, 2012.
    (Now Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems)
  42. Rupali J. Mascarenhas, Evaluation of Outage and Blocking Probability in Two-Tier Open Access Femtocell Networks, 2012.
  43. Sanjay Kumar, On Analyzing Call Data Records for Cluster Formation in Mobile Social Network Applications, 2012.
  44. Anurag Nishad, Internet Protocol Layer Handover Analysis in Next Generation Cellular Network, 2011.
  45. Rahul Agrawal, On Relay Placement and Cooperative Scheduling in Self Organized Long Term Evolution Networks, 2011.
  46. Hrishikesh Sulay, Persistent Scheduling for Delay Constrained Traffic, 2011.
  47. Piyush Mittal, Resource Allocation for Femtocells, 2011.
  48. Sravan Kumar Jatavath, Association of Shared Relays in Cellular Networks, 2011.
  49. Mohit Dandekar, On Sequential Detection in Spectrum Sensing, 2011.
  50. Chandrakant Agarwal, Go-Back-N ARQ for Multi-Hop Relay Network, 2011.
  51. Anil Kumar Vankayala, Scheduling in Relay-Assisted Cellular Networks, 2011.
  52. Gauri Joshi, On Relay - Assisted Cellular Networks, 2010.
    (Now Faculty Member at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
  53. Harshad Maral, Downlink Erlang Capacity of Cellular OFDMA, 2010.
  54. Nishta Tandiya, Combining Packets with Different Modulation Schemes, 2010.
  55. Manju Meghwani, On Erlang Capacity of IEEE 802.16e Networks, 2009.
  56. Ashish Kumar Pradhan, VLSI Implementation of Traffic Resource Management of IEEE 802.16 MAC Layer, 2009.
  57. Sharayu Moharir, Queuing Analysis of Opportunistic Scheduling in Wireless Networks, 2009.
  58. Atit Parikh, On Wireless Link Scheduling Algorithms for Spectrum Sharing, 2009.
  59. Balaji V, Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) with Diversity Combining in Wireless Channels, 2009.
  60. Ankit Sethi, Delay Limited Capacity with Coding Gap, 2008.
  61. Hrishikesh Gokhale, Implementation of IEEE 802.16 Base Station, 2008.
  62. Rajanish Sethi, An Architecture of Tactical Communication System, 2008.
  63. Mallapur Veerayya, An Energy-Aware On-Demand Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks, 2008.
  64. Vaishnavi Motghare, Implementation of Media Access Control Layer of IEEE 802.16, 2008.
  65. Varun Lunia, Performance Analysis of the Distributed Coordination Function of IEEE 802.11 Protocol in Presence of Fading, 2008.
  66. Ankit Jain, Mitigation of Inter Symbol/Inter Carrier Intereference in Multicarrier Modulation for Doubly Dispersive Channels, 2008.
  67. Abhishek Shrivastava, Multipacket Reception and Opportunistic Spectrum Access, 2008.
  68. Devyani Wad, On Implementation of Media Access Control (MAC) Layer of IEEE 802.16, 2007.
  69. Kanchan Chavan, Robust Queue Management over a Link with Varying Capacity, 2007.
  70. Nisarg Shah, Transmitting Voice over the Internet, 2006.
  71. Abhijeet Bhorkar, Stochastic Control for Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks, 2006.
  72. Nitesh Dixit, Admission Control in CDMA Cellular Networks with Soft Handoffs, 2006.
  73. Dhruv Garg, Signal to Interference Ratio based Admission Control for Cellular CDMA Network, 2005.
  74. Priyanka Garg, Power Aware Routing in Sensor Networks, 2005.
  75. Mukul Agarwal, On Two Control Problems: Stability of Dynamical Systems and Optimal Power Allocation, 2004.
  76. D Siva Kumar, Design of Provider's Edge Router for Ethernet Emulation over MPLS Network, 2004.
  77. Manish Singh, Efficient Media Access Control (MAC) Layer Design for Multi-Class CDMA Networks, 2004.
  78. Atit Jain, On Code Division Multiple Access Network Planning and Optimization, 2004.
  79. Kavitha Subramanian, An Optimization Based Flow Control Algorithm, 2004.
  80. V Vijayakumar, Design of Link Management Protocol (LMP) over Optical Cross Connect Emulator, 2004.
  81. Santhosh Kumar K, Design of Policy based MPLS Traffic Engineering Server, 2004.
  82. Siddharth Verma, Optimal-Power Scheduling in Wireless Communication under Delay and Flow Constraints, 2004.
  83. Medha Atre, Voice over MPLS using Loop Emulation Service, 2004.
  84. Hemant Kumar Rath, Design of Metro Ethernet Customer Edge using Virtual LAN (VLAN), 2004.
  85. Siddharth Dachalwal, Implementation of Voice over IP over Wireless Local Area Network, 2004.
  86. Sachin Kulkarni, Evaluation of Flow Identification Schemes on Network Processor, 2004.
  87. Gaurav Agarwal, Design and Evaluation of Dual Band Ad Hoc Networks, 2003.
  88. Shruti Mahajan, Joint Admission Control and Scheduling Policies for Integrated Voice / Data CDMA Systems, 2003.
  89. Abhishek Jain, Congestion Management and Bandwidth Allocation for Best-Effort Traffic in Packet Switched Networks, 2003.
  90. Harish Ramamurthy, A Grouping Framework for Reliable Multicast Congestion Control, 2003.
  91. Renu Bhattar, Policy Framework for MPLS Network, 2003.
  92. Premal Shah, On Scheduling Transmissions under QoS Based Constraints, 2003.
  93. Vitanshu Sharma, Probabilistic Convolutional Coding and Decoding, 2003.
  94. Ranoo Malhotra, Design of Label Distribution Protocol with Constraint-Based Routing for MPLS Networks, 2003.
  95. K. Ganga Bhavani, Congestion Control for Reliable Multicast, 2003.
  96. D. Venkatesh, QoS Based Routing Algorithms in Internet, 2003.
  97. Shivaji Navale, Design and Development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Access Gateway Software, 2003.
  98. Piyush Desai, Design and Development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Access Gateway, 2003.
  99. Rahul Varma, Issues in Best-Effort Delivery of Data for Unicast and Multicast Flows, 2002.
  100. T. Chitti Babu, Design and Implementation of Traffic Engineering Extensions for OSPF, 2002.
  101. Manoj Sharma, VLSI Implementation of IEEE 802.11 MAC, 2002.
  102. Rahul A.Chawathe, Throughput Guarantees for TCP over Differentiated Services, 2002.
  103. S. Praveen Kumar, Design of Multi-threaded Label Distribution Protocol for MPLS Emulator, 2002.
  104. Abhijit M. Gadgil, Lime: A Linux based MPLS Emulator, 2002.
  105. Preetam Patil, Design and Implementation of RSVP-TE over MPLS Emulator, 2002.
  106. N.S.S. Kishore K, Design of DiffServ Capable MPLS Forwarding Engine, 2002.
  107. Kshitiz Saxena, Finite State Machine Based Design for Packet Forwarding Engine, 2001.
  108. Anand Gupta, Architecture and Algorithm for Rate-Based Service Differentiation in DiffServ Internet, 2001.
  109. Saurabh Ganeriwal, A Framework for Joint Scheduling and Buffer Management, 2001.
  110. Atul S. Kumthekar, sMultiprotocol Lambda Switching Simulator, 2001.
  111. Dilip G. Khairnar, TCP Congestion Control over Wireless Links, 2001
  112. Rushabh Soni, Architecture of MPLS Forwarding Engine in Linux Kernel, 2001.
  113. Makarand G. Kulkarni, Delay Optimal Fair Queueing for QoS Guarantees in Internet, 2000.
  114. NSNVP Rao, Design of a Parallel TCP / IP Stack, 2000.
  115. Srusti Vijay, Packet Classification and Layer Four Switching, 2000.
  116. Prashant Jain, On Improving the TCP Performance over Asymmetric channels, 1999.
  117. Nirav A. Parikh, Decoupling Delay-Bandwidth Guarantees in the Fair Quening Algorithms, 1999.
  118. Anand Venkitachalam, Architecture Design of MAC Controller for Cable Modem, 1999.
  119. Vivek Nema, Performance Evaluation of Error Control Mechanisms for Wireless ATM Access Networks, 1999.
  120. Ravi Kumar Singh, Performance Evaluation of TAG Switching, 1999.
  121. Charuhas P. Pandit, Optimal Call Admissions in Cellular Networks with Priority Classes, 1999.
  122. Anupam Banerjee, An Engineering Economic Model for the Future Internet, 1999.
  123. Preeti Nagvanshi, Adaptive Prediction for Quality of Service Guarantees in Internet, 1999.
  124. Shail Bains, A high Performance TCP/IP Stack with Tag Switching and Firewall Support, 1998.
  125. Kaustubh Kashyap, Study of Issues in the Design of Cable Modem Architecture, 1998.
  126. D. Ramakrishna, Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Fiber Coax Networks for Multimedia Communications, 1998.
  127. Vinay Keshavan Bharadwaj, A Framework for Call Admission in Mobile Cellular Networks, 1998.

  1. Pravesh Kochar, The Design of LTE Wifi-Controller, 2015.
  2. Sravya Chebrolu, Study of HetNet Mobility Simulator with Enhancement to Random Pico Drop and RSRQ measurement, 2014.
  3. Ankur Bapna, Analysis of Blocking Probability in LTE based Networks, 2013.
  4. Ayesha Mudassir, Interference Management for Macro-Pico Cellular Networks, 2013.
  5. Kotaru Manikanta, Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Network, 2013.
  6. Tuhin Sarkar, Towards Optimal Fusion in Cognitive Network, 2013.
  7. Srikanth TV, Sampling and Reconstruction of FRI Signals Using RC Sample Acquisition Filters, 2012.
  8. Skand Hurkat, Delay-Aware Proportional Fair Scheduling in OFDMA Networks, 2012.
  9. Abhishek Iyer, Channel Aware Deadline Based Scheduling in OFDMA Networks, 2012.
  10. Chinmayee Shah, Towards Self Organized Relay Assisted Cellular Networks, 2011.
  11. Varun Jog, Capacity Bounds for the DMBC and Coding Schemes for the Feedback DMBC, 2010.
  12. Sesha Pavana Srinath B. V., Performance Analysis and Optimization of Protocols in Wireless Networks, 2010.
  13. Sanket Agarwal, Downlink Erlang Capacity of Cellular OFDMA System, 2010.
  14. Rohit Agarwal, Mobile Social Networking Platform and Applications, 2010.
  15. Manu Sharma, Fair Scheduling in Cooperative Wireless Networks, 2009.
  16. Vamseedhar Reddy R. R., Performance Improvement of Wireless LAN Through Packet Relaying by Users, 2009.
  17. Himanshu Asnani, On Some Results in Wireless Networks Control, 2009.
  18. Devang Baheti, SMS Based Social Networking Architecture, 2009.
  19. Asad Ali, Distributed Scheduling in Mesh Networks using STDMA, 2008.
  20. Priti Jacob Kujur, Random Access Policy for Optimal Throughput, 2007.
  21. Mohit Gupta, Opportunistic Scheduling for Mutli-Antenna Wireless Networks, 2007.
  22. Praneeth Kumar, On Link Scheduling in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2007.
  23. Manasa Gangotri Kata, On Code Division Multiple Access Network Simulations and Optimization, 2005.
  24. Nikhil Shetty, Performance Analysis of Controlled Access-CDMA: A CDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks, 2005.
  25. Abhishek Kumar Shadangi, Scheduling in High Data Rate Wireless Systems (IS-856), 2005.
  26. Mandeep Singh Sidhu, TCP/IP Offload Engine for Storage Area Networks, 2003.
  27. Shrinivas Kudekar, Adaptive Congestion Control in Heterogeneous Networks, 2003.
  28. Jayesh Vyas, Packet Scheduling and Media Access Control in CDMA Based Wireless Networks, 2003.
  29. Neerav B. Mehta, Rate Control and Synchronization Issues in Video Streaming over Packet-Switched Networks, 2003.
  30. Aashish Sharma, Transcoding and Caching Proxy for Heterogenous Client Environments, 2002.
  31. Abhishek Trivedi, Caching Mechanisms for Transcoding Web Proxies, 2002.
  32. Vinayak Samant, Design of High Speed Packet Forwarding Engine, 2002.
  33. Vikas Jain, Multicast Congestion Control over Wireless Medium, 2002.
  34. Saurabh Jain, Grouping of Receivers for Multicast Congestion Control, 2002.
  35. Vishvesh Sahasrabudhe, Adaptive Prediction Based Active Queue Management, 2002.
  36. Anuj Maheshwari, Transcoding and Caching Proxy for Heterogenous Client Environments, 2001.
  37. Vishvesh Shreeram Sathe, Reconfigurable Computing, 2001.
  38. Rohit Ramani, Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) in TCP over Wireless Network, 2000.
  39. Mitul Tiwari, IP Based Virtual Private Network, 2000.
  40. Anshul Kothari, Towards a QoS Aware Linux, 2000.
  41. Munjal Kapadia, Fast Algorithms in Router Table Lookup, 2000.
  42. Vivek Mhatre, Analysis of Minimum-Delay Self Clocked Fair Queuing, 2000.
  43. Aditya Dhar, An Implementation of Recursive Classification for MPLS, 2000.
  44. Gautam Kulkarni, An RSVP Implementation for MPLS Signaling, 2000.
  45. Rahul Kopikare, Performance Evaluation of an Ethernet-Token Ring Mixed Protocol, 2000.
  46. Dhiman Barman, Policy Based Networking with Differentiated Services Under Linux, 2000.
  47. Rohit Raghuwanshi, Packet Video over Ethernet, 1999.
  48. Saurabh Nitin, A Modified TCP/IP Stack with Class Based Queueing, 1999.
  49. Dhanedra Jain, Fair Scheduling in Wireless Packet Networks, 1999.
  50. Vijay Sundaram, Long Range Dependence in Communication Networks, 1999.
  51. Anand Janakiraman, Video Compression, 1998.
  52. Milind Kopikare, Hierarchical Link Sharing for Packet Networks, 1998.
  53. Atul Hirpara, Simulation and Modeling of a Bridged LAN, 1998.