Broadband Wireless Communications for Public Safety

Develop rapidly deployable base station sub system capable of being mounted in a command & control vehicle leveraging LTE/4G+ technology in sub 1 GHz spectrum with public safety and Client unit or radio handset with support for video.

Test-Bed for Affordable Broadband in India using Backhaul in TV White Space

While India has witnessed a spectacular growth in cellular wireless communication, broadband penetration is still considerably limited. Cost effective last mile broadband connectivity can be provided by cellular 3G/4G or WiFi network. However, cost effective backhaul connectivity to base station has been a major stumbling block for affordable broadband. In this regard, we envisage a solution for addressing the problem of backhaul for rural broadband using TV white space. The propagation characteristics of the VHF/UHF signals make them ideal for use in rural areas where wired infrastructure is not cost efficient to deploy. We have/plan to setup test-beds in multiple India semi-urban/rural regions and determine technical parameters required for TV white space based operation of broadband services. The research results of the test-bed are expected to provide concrete guideline for developing a regulatory framework for TV white space operation in India.

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Currently I am the coordinator of TTSL-IIT Bombay Center for Excellence in Telecom (TICET). As a part of this center, I am directing the following major technology development efforts.

Network OPEX Optimization

Power & Fuel (P&F) expenses constitute majority of operating expenses of a cellular wireless network, and Diesel alone constitutes ~40% of overall Power & Fuel (P&F) expenses! As part of the continuous efforts by the industry to bring down these costs, several initiatives are being tried. However performance of these initiatives is heavily dependent on site characteristics (tenancy, weather, asset-health, grid availability etc.), technology evolution and fuel costs. Implementation of identified initiatives is typically done at a group-level and given the diversity in site characteristics, the actual benefits are not significant. A site-specific decision making can significantly reduce the Operational Expense (OPEX). Given the large (>10K) sites and individual site characteristics, there is a need for a data analytics driven approach for site-specific decision making. We have developed an innovative tool using advanced machine learning analytics and optimization techniques in providing focused decisions that can bring benefit at every site, while operators retain the flexibility in introducing new initiatives. The technology has been field tested in several sites and shown up to 30% reduction in OPEX.

The technology is now being commercialized by Panchsheel Research Pvt Ltd.

4G Standardization

As a part of the initiative to influence International standards to reflect Indian requirements, our group has been participating in 4G standardization efforts and have made several contributions to the international standard (IEEE 802.16m and IEEE 802.1). We have filed key patents in the area of Quality of Service in wireless networks. We were also a part of ITU’s registered evaluators of 4G (IMT-A) standard.

Mobile Social Networking Platform (MSNP)

Since mobile social networking is going to be a key application driver particularly in the Indian context, we have developed an innovative concept on facilitating and analyzing social contexts for providing targeted recommendations. We have patented this concept and based on this concept,  our group is developing a complete platform for mobile social netwoking. This platform offers many rich features which are very distinct from traditional social networking platforms.

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MSNP was launched in the curtain raiser ceremony of India Telecom 2011, New Delhi on 29th August, 2011. Here are few news items

Low Cost Cellular Backhaul for Rural Access (CeBRA)

We recognize that the next wave of mobile revolution will come not only from 3G/4G deployments but also an all inclusive growth in rural telecom deployment which is a big but largely untapped market. It has been well known that one of the major hurdles towards progress of network is non availability of indigenous cost effective backhaul.

We are focusing on developing an innovative solution for cellular backhaul based on a modified optimized version of long distance WiFi technology. A complete product prototype has been developed. The development of this technology will pave the way for significant reduction in Capex making the rural deployment a cost effective proposition.

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User Driven Health Care (UDHC)

User Driven Healthcare (UDHC) is a novel model to answer health information needs through a community based online collaborative network. We are implementing the model as a web based interactive software integrated with the cellular networks. The model uses legacy GSM/CDMA SMS for interaction between the users and the healthcare professionals. This facilitates deployment of the model in rural area making it convenient for the rural populace to benefit from urban healthcare facilities without the costs and inconveniences of travel to urban healthcare service centers.

Past Technology Development Projects

In the past I have worked on the following projects:

Metro Ethernet based Access Networks

I have been involved in the development of technology for telecom and broadband Internet access with specific focus on Indian service providers. Our team architected an innovative architecture that leverages the potential of Ethernet for providing Quality of Service (QoS) based triple play services. We also developed a novel method of transporting voice over packet switched networks like Ethernet and developed unique algorithms for enhancing the performance of packet voice communication.

A white paper written on Eisodus technolgy is `A EisoAccess Solution- A Broadband (R) Evolution'. I have authored a more complete tutorial article on challenges for broadband access in emerging economines like India- `Challenges for Broadband Deployment in India and Role of Metro Ethernet'. The related presentation can be found here.

Based on these ideas and with a vision to develop technology for Indian telecom markets indigenously, I founded a company called Eisodus Networks Private Limited. The company has been featured in Light Reading.

Linux based MPLS Router in Open Source

I directed a major effort in developing a Linux based next generation MPLS router and a network emulator. All this software is available in public domain and has been used all over the world. It can be obtained from here.

PARAM 9000 Super Computer Design

While as a Member of Technical Staff and Team Coordinator in High Performance Computing and Communications (HPGC) group of C-DAC, Pune, I was responsible for the design of Interconnection Networks for the PARAM 9000 super computer.

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