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What does Lec-to-Mobile do?


Purpose of Lec-to-Mobile :

We want to enhance the outreach of distance education by drastically reducing the data size and opening up the possibility of delivering the content on a mobile device to let you have an anytime-anywhere student feel! It is expected that various companies will convert typical video lectures available in different universities and elsewhere and will provide a lecture-on-demand service using this technology. The associated technology developed at IITB is fully automated and can help these companies in this regard. The technology is protected through various patents mentioned hereunder. Any comments or query may be directed to "lec-to-mobile@{ee}.[iitb].(ac).(in)", with all parentheses removed from the address field.

You need some sample media for playing on Lec-to-Mobile. We provide a few sample lectures here of different durations :

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