July 09, 2012 at VMCC, IIT Bombay 

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Workshop on Cell Tower/Cell Phone Radiation







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I have been working in the area of antennas for nearly three decades. During this period, I have written more than 200 papers in national and international journals and conferences and also written a book entitled "Broadband Microstrip Antennas" published by Artech House,USA.


In 2001, I started having strange health problems as we were always doing experiments with microwave circuits and antennas (occupational hazard) and without realizing my body was absorbing electromagnetic radiation from all these sources. Around that time mobile phones had started coming to India on a mass scale and cell towers started appearing on top of the residential buildings. I knew that sooner or later, people will start having problems due to microwave radiation.
We carried out our own research and did a lot of literature survey and found that several people around the world were getting affected. We prepared reports in an easy to understand manner and wrote to various concerned government bodies including the Department of Telecommunications, India.

In the past few years several people have contacted us complaining of health problems ranging from headache, sleep disturbance, hearing problems, memory loss, miscarriage and even cancer cases who are living close to mobile towers or are using mobile phones excessively. We have carried out radiation measurements at several places in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Banglore, Gurgaon and others and have found a strong co-relation between high radiation levels and health problems.

I am conducting this workshop to increase awareness so that people can take preventive steps to protect themselves.