SequelApp: Question Set for Classroom Teaching

SequelApp for Classroom teaching

SequelApp is designed for classroom teaching. A list of questions is
provided below. The teacher can work out the solution in class and
then ask the students to find out how the solution would change if
one or more circuit parameters are changed (e.g., resistance values).

SequelApp can be used individually by each student to verify the
answers on his/her mobile device.

Training sessions can be conducted for a group of teachers involved
in teaching courses related to the topics covered by SequelApp, such
as basic electrical engineering, electronic circuits, etc.
(contact for further details).

SEQUEL project files for SequelApp examples (these can be used with the SEQUEL desktop version)

To download Qt 4.8.7 source code (LGPL) used for building
the desktop app, you can download from here.
To download Qt 5.10.1 source code (LGPL) used for building
the android mobile app, you can download from here.

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