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“Psychologically, it’s a little different,” Fong said. “You’re not necessarily betting to make money; you’re betting to make yourself look smarter.”

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Meanwhile, young gamblers will connect more fully to sports gambling through technology and social media, until betting on games is almost their exclusive entry to sports. Most will do it responsibly and enjoy the enhanced experience. Some will develop problems that are accelerated by the ease of sports betting and other online casino games and develop the same disastrous problems that often accompany alcohol and drug addiction.

Plus, we checked the relevant authorities that regulated our chosen websites. As we managed to test each platform ourselves, our picks have the most secure connections. This is essential because bitcoin gambling websites are constantly targeted by hackers that can steal every player's personal information. Therefore, we picked only five online casinos with Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates. The document guarantees a secure connection, which is something every user should look for.
“At the end of the day, we see that the model is not sustainable,” says Jason Angelides. “Companies are paying a large bounty, up to $2,000, to acquire a customer and bring them to their apps. Then they provide no differentiation of product. The majority of gaming apps are very similar.”

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