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Popular crypto exchanges(2023 Update) 2024-04-13

You might also like: The darknet’s Reddit clone makes exit scams harder Major Resistance Level – $1,620Ethereum price tests crucial support at $1,570 as ETH becomes a polarizing topic Cryptocurrency Price Prediction using ARIMA ModelFrom May through mid-September, the weekly average transaction count for Bitcoin fluctuated between 400,000 and 500,000. It peaked at 600,000 on Sept. 20, a record high. Binance-spearheaded Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI), a co-investment project aiming to support the cryptocurrency industry in the aftermath of the FTX collapse, may not have been as effective as desired, a new report suggests.After announcing the IRI in November 2022, Binance spent $15 million in its Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoins out of its total commitments of $1 billion in BUSD, Bloomberg reported on Oct. 10. Binance subsequently moved the remaining $985 million of the pledged BUSD back to its corporate treasury, planning to use it for investments. In March, Binance converted these funds from BUSD to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), citing growing regulatory concerns around stablecoins.Apart from Binance, the IRI had collected an additional $100 million in contributions from 18 organizations by the end of February 2023, including Animoca Brands, Aptos Labs, Jump Crypto, Polygon Ventures and others.Three months after launch, the IRI funded 14 projects, Binance claimed, without disclosing the names of the companies that received funding. The only publicly declared expense from Binance’s $1 billion IRI commitment was the exchange’s acquisition of the South Korean crypto exchange Gopax, announced in early February.According to wallet data collected by Bloomberg, the IRI has invested less than $30 million since its inception last year. Among nine named participants, only DWF Labs and Binance-backed Aptos had spent at least some of the committed funds.Related: New book reveals Binance CEO CZ rejected SBF’s $40M request for futures exchangeIt’s unclear whether the IRI is still working to support cryptocurrency projects, as its Google Docs applicant form is still active.Binance did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.Transactions associated with Binance-spearheaded Industry Recovery Initiative as of Oct. 9, 2023. Source: BloombergThe IRI’s high capital commitments versus its actual contributions come as the cryptocurrency industry scrambles for funding.The quarterly amount of cryptocurrency-related venture funding has plummeted as much as 70% from Q3 2022, the blockchain analytics firm Messari reported on Oct. 5. According to the report, crypto VC volumes in Q3 2023 amounted to just around $2 billion, down from the all-time high $17 billion in Q1 2021.Magazine: Deposit risk: What do crypto exchanges really do with your money?

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Confidential transfers leverage Twisted ElGamal Encryption for mathematical operations on the encrypted amounts. These transfers are validated using Sigma Protocols, a specialized category of zero-knowledge proofs where one party (the prover) can demonstrate to another party (the verifier) that they know of a certain secret without actually disclosing the secret itself.” Still, the functionality of cryptocurrencies extends beyond only donations. As seen in the recent Israel-Palestine conflict, Bitcoin’s price remained stable despite the geopolitical unrest, unlike traditional commodities like gold and oil that reacted sharply. Invesco Reapplies for Bitcoin ETF, Advocates for More Crypto Investment ProductsInvestigators’ ire was also directed at the Federal Reserve Board and the San Francisco Fed, the regional central bank responsible for regulating Silvergate. — Kaiko (@KaikoData) October 10, 2023

Exchanges Providing Margin Trading Crypto investment products saw inflows for the second consecutive week, totaling $78 million, crypto asset management firm CoinShares reported in its weekly analysis report on Oct. 9. Best crypto exchange platforms (UK)“It’s gonna be a great game,” he says. “There’s not [any] great games yet.” By applying the principles of the Wyckoff pattern, the analyst stated that the stock market was at the stage of Mark-up/Profit Release. As such, it was due for a spike that could make BTC reach $40,000.

It is worth noticing that both Bitso and Bitstamp are platforms that collaborate with Ripple on "Ripple Payments" service, formerly known under the name "On-Demand Liquidity" (ODL). The rebranding took place just recently since ODL is hard for outsiders to understand, therefore, the name Ripple Payments was picked. Although these companies have started developing blockchain games, CoinGecko noted Krafton as the trailblazer. According to CoinGeko’s report, Krafton is set to soft launch its blockchain game in December 2023, ahead of a full release between January and July 2024. 3 Reasons Today Is the Perfect Opportunity to Buy BitcoinKunal Goel, senior research analyst for Messari, wrote that the surge was spawned by the explosive launch of Base—which briefly overtook the number of transactions happening on Ethereum's mainnet–along with the unexpected popularity of the social token platform. Also, the company will assist Scotcoin in its liquidity strategy, community expansion, and tokenomics design, aiming to increase the value and utility of the Scotcoin token (SCOT), to attract more users and supporters to the Scotcoin ecosystem.

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