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FTX Advisor Kumanan Protects $400M Assets Source: Getty ImagesCyprus authorities would soon impose hefty penalties on crypto asset service providers (CASPs) that are found offering services without registering with the country’s regulator – the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC).Cyprus’s move to clampdown on unlicensed crypto businesses comes after the country’s Ministry of Finance submitted a proposed legislative amendment to the “Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Law,” to the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs.According to a local report, unlicensed crypto businesses in Cyprus would face a hefty penalty of €350,000 or five years in prison or both.The legislation before the House Finance Committee was drafted based on penalties imposed on non-compliant and unlicensed crypto service providers in other EU states.Also, the Ministry of Finance’s proposed amendment follows recommendations and directives from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and MONEYVAL report published in November 2022, the report added.The proposed amendment mandates all crypto asset service providers to register with the CYSEC, before offering any crypto-related products and services. By doing so, the Finance Ministry aims to protect investors from the risks of illegal activities and money laundering.Furthermore, the Cyprus Bar Association has given inputs on the scope of the law, particularly, the requirement for CSPs registered in other EU States to register with the Cyprus regulator.Penalties Imposed by EU Member StatesIn Malta, anti-money laundering regulators have fined cryptocurrency platforms Bequant Pro Ltd and Bequant Exchange Ltd nearly half a million Euros and other parallel enforcement actions against non-compliant virtual asset service providers.The country has imposed imprisonment for up to six years and fines of up to €15 million, per reports.In Luxemburg, regulators have slapped fines of up to €5 million for non-licensed crypto businesses, and Belgium has imposed penalties ranging between €400,000 and €800,000. France and Ireland also have similar stricter penalties and imprisonment for such offenses.Breaking: Bitstamp Resumes XRP Trading After Temporary Suspension Crypto and Digital Assets-Financial ServicesEthereum (ETH) price correlation to Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to widen since the mid-September reading, with the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization now wandering on its own. With its bearish outlook, ETH has often rubbed longs the wrong way, compelling them to close their positions to avoid more severe losses. Given that the people’s interest in Ripple remains high, the platform looks to create a similar opportunity this week.

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Ripple’s CFO Departs as Crypto Industry Faces C-Suite Turnover Embrace Diversity Two Crypto Sectors Will Reward Those Who Pay Attention, Says DeFi Veteran Arthur CheongExpanding on the significance of a majority vote, Schwartz emphasized that no validators currently endorse the vote to the best of his knowledge. The introduction of the AMM feature occurred with the release of rippled version 1.12.0, which also brought the potential clawback feature. Adding an AMM is not limited to introducing a new trading engine; it will also enable integration with the XRPL decentralized exchange.Despite the significance attributed to this feature, Schwartz advised validators against voting independently to promote these modifications. Instead, he emphasized that “the community should reach a consensus first, and then validators should overwhelmingly vote YES when they perceive that the community is in agreement and sufficient nodes endorse the adjustment.“In addition to his prominent role in Ripple, Schwartz is renowned for his informative articles and commitment to championing decentralization.Related: Lawyers debate over Ripple case after rejection of SEC’s motion for appealLately, he dispelled misunderstandings concerning the clawback feature, often seen as an intrusion on XRPL users. He clarified that the feature aims to safeguard developers from potential legal liabilities within the ecosystem.Magazine: Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton ‘10x more into BTC, 4x more into ETH’: Hall of Flame Whether ETH, alongside other altcoins will experience a price decrease, time will tell. But currently, it’s looking like another nosedive won’t be avoided.

Even though the concept of artificial intelligence dates back nearly a century, Generative AI has rapidly progressed in a short amount of time. OpenAI’s ChatGPT launched to the public in November of last year and is already the standard for AI chatbot development. Generative AI refers to AI tools that respond to user prompts and can create text, images, and videos based on those prompts. What Is Cryptocurrency Mining? DOGE To INR Forecast: Dogecoin to Indian RupeesSpecifically, Uphold proclaimed its intention to give out 10,000 XRP tokens to one lucky trader in its “October XRP Sweepstakes” promotion. These physical activations of digital technology gamify the mural exploration, combining aesthetic appreciation with digital rewards and enhancing the connection between art, technology, and the viewer. The NFI feature not only deepens engagement with the art but will also symbiotically support local commerce, intertwining community, technology, and art in a seamless and mutually beneficial experience.

Another of Bankman-Fried’s college roommates, Adam Yedidia, testified on the second day of the trial. Yedidia admitted that he was involved in writing the code that allowed Bankman-Fried’s hedge fund, Alameda Research, the ability to withdraw FTX’s funds. Cloud mining works on a simple principle: individuals or businesses lease mining equipment that is housed remotely in data centers. All aspects of hardware setup, maintenance, and operation are handled by the cloud mining provider. The following steps explain the procedure: El Salvador Chivo Wallet Sparks a Wave of SpeculationAavegotchis are pixelated ghosts on the Ethereum blockchain as GHST ERC-721 tokens. Their value is determined by the rarity level, based on traits, staked collateral/tokens, and equipped wearables. According to the intervention, Rebuilding Society has until 5 p.m. BST on Wednesday to withdraw any prior financial promotion approvals it has granted to unauthorized entities. The FCA has also ordered Rebuilding Society to inform clients using its third-party financial promotions service that it cannot approve content from unauthorized persons or entities. It must also withdraw any advertisements offering its services to approve financial promotions.

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