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Popular crypto exchanges(2023 Update) 2024-04-13

Uniswap Source: www.mocaverse.xyzAnimoca Brands, a metaverse and gaming venture capital firm, has raised $20 million to expand its Web3 identity project Mocaverse.According to the press release, the funding round was led by blockchain- and Web3-focused venture capital company CMCC Global, with other investors including Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures, GameFi Ventures, Aleksander Larsen (Sky Mavis founder), Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild Games founder), Koda Capital institutional investors, and others. Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, participated in the round as well. Speaking of the project, Martin Baumann, the co-founder of CMCC Global, said that, Mocaverse "will unify the unique portfolio of companies within the Animoca Brands umbrella and will become a portal for hundreds of millions of new users to access Web3 and metaverse ecosystems."As part of the raise, Animoca Brands issued Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs) at a price per share of $2.89. The SAFEs will be automatically converted to ordinary shares after six months.  It also gave the investors a free-attaching utility token warrant on a 1:1 dollar basis with a 30-month vesting schedule, it said.Non-transferrable NFT Collection Coming SoonAnimoca Brands said that the new capital will be used to advance the Mocaverse project. This comprises product development, Web3 adoption, and forming new partnerships to "expand the gaming, culture and entertainment ecosystem of Animoca Brands’ portfolio of approximately 450 investments in Web3 companies and projects."Per the website, Mocaverse is the membership non-fungible token (NFT) collection of 8,888 characters called Mocas, each belonging to one of five tribes. Mocaverse aims to enable its participants to create digital identities, gain reputation, earn and spend loyalty points, and use their digital identity across the Mocaverse ecosystem.Per the announcement,"Animoca Brands envisions Mocaverse as the identity and point system for Web3 gaming, culture, entertainment."Mocaverse will soon launch 'Moca IDs' - a non-transferrable NFT collection designed to enable users to have one identity across Animoca Brands' platforms.Moca ID holders, the company said, will gain exclusive access to Mocaverse experiences and will earn loyalty points through active engagement.The loyalty points will drive a permissionless, interoperable, and increasingly decentralized loyalty system, in order to enable third-party adoption and integration of Moca ID, said the press release.Animoca Brands' Yat Siu argued that,"The DAO-based approach of Mocaverse ensures that its community will be focused on driving innovation and collaboration across the broader Animoca Brands ecosystem." Mocarverse, he opined, will see users participate in a community that generates new economic opportunities and will serve as the digital identity, reputation, and loyalty system for other decentralized organizations.____Learn more:- Web3 Neobank 'hi' Secures $30 Million Investment from Animoca Brands to Strengthen NFT Utility- Crypto Struggles Are Predominantly North American, Says Animoca Brands CEO- Animoca's Yat Siu on the Future of the Metaverse- What is the Metaverse?Casio the Latest Japanese Firm to Enter NFT Arena – More to Follow? How to buy Tether (USDT) GuideSource: Adobe/Christophe FouquinSu Zhu the founder of bankrupt crypto hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital has been arrested in Singapore while embarking on an attempt to flee according to reports.According to a disclosure made by Teneo, the fund's liquidator, Zhu was detained at the Changi airport on Friday after a committal order was issued on him and his business partner, Kyle Davies.“(Zhu) was apprehended at Changi Airport whilst attempting to travel out of Singapore following a committal order granted by the Singapore Courts against him,” the announcement read. Zhu and Davies were sentenced to four months in prison through a committal order for contempt of court. The former Three Arrow executives were issued subpoenas to cooperate with the investigations and activities of Teneo in unraveling issues that led to the implosion of the fund.Although active on social media in the aftermath of the collapse. Zhu and Davies remain on the run from the firm’s liquidators and authorities. Both men were also prohibited by the Monetary Authority of Singapore from floating regulated investments for nine years.What’s next? For Zhu, his recent arrests mean that he would serve the four-month prison sentence meted out against him. Teneo disclosed in the statement that while serving the sentence, the firm would engage him to recover all possible assets either previous properties of 3AC or property gotten through the sale of user assets.“The liquidators will pursue all opportunities to ensure Mr Zhu complies in full with the court order made against him for the provision of information and documents relating to 3AC and its former investment manager during the course of his imprisonment and thereafter, and may make applications for further court orders as required.”Furthermore, the firm noted that it may seek more court orders against the embattled former chief executive for the benefit of creditors. “Throughout the process, the liquidators' priority has been recovering the assets of 3AC and maximizing returns for its creditors.” The whereabouts of Davies remain unknown to authorities even after a refusal to honor subpoenas by a New York court.Police have issued directives for the arrest of Davies “safely” to serve his four-month sentence. $3 billion dent in the market At the height of its popularity in 2022, 3AC was among the top crypto hedge funds with about $10 billion worth of assets under management. The bankruptcy of the hedge fund was largely linked to negative market conditions sparked by the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and poor management decisions.In May, the duo encountered problems after Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority reprimanded its unregulated OPNX exchange after the collapse of the hedge fund. “VARA is continuing to actively monitor the situation and investigate OPNX's activity to assess further corrective measures that may be required to protect the market.”The firm declared bankruptcy in 2022 and owes investors about $3 billion. Bitcoin Miner Returns 19.8 BTC in Fees After Paxos Claims Payment Mistake Valentino Rossi’s new metaverse on The Sandbox, ValeVerse, is the result of a long-term strategy led by the VR46 Metaverse trio, Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs.

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“The primary focus of this feature is to improve user privacy through a renowned emphasis on confidentiality rather than anonymity. On October 9, YNA reported that attempts to breach Upbit network security totaled 159,061 in the first half of the year. This was more than 2.17 times the number of attempted incursions in the first half of 2022, it noted.  What is the best site to buy Dogecoin?The collision of gaming and the metaverse is reshaping the digital landscape in profound ways, promising a future of limitless possibilities. Recent insights from gaming executives shed light on how this convergence is poised to revolutionize not only the gaming industry but also various sectors across the business landscape. The Tezos (XTZ) price broke through a 230-day resistance trendline, leading to a 13% increase in a single day.

According to the prominent blockchain security tracker PeckShieldAlert, the scammers have already transferred the stolen funds from Base, a Layer-2 scaling solution, to Ethereum via Orbiter, a cross-chain bridge. After all the movements, the scammers have deposited some of the stolen funds to the Binance exchange to cash them out. Most likely, this trend will expand and become mainstream as web3 game producers begin to implement TBAs within their virtual experiences, creating new ways to experience sociality in the context of blockchain.Bitcoin’s Impact on NFTs Spotlighted in New Report on Ordinals Best Apps for Cryptocurrency in India"Morpho Blue externalizes risk management by making it a separate layer of the stack with unlimited permutations, versus the one-size-fits-all approach we see from today's lending services," Frambot said in an email to The Block. "Therefore, institutional players can integrate it into their own risk and compliance management systems. On their end, crypto risk managers could even rebuild the classic lending pool abstractions such as Aave, Compound, Spark, or Flux, but on top of a common trustless, efficient, and flexible primitive." There are reports that some victims receive a small sum claimed to be “returns” on their investments to convince them to invest even larger amounts of funds. If the victim also failed to meet the minimum, the scammer or the platform will “loan” them money.

Another very interesting property of this innovative class of NFTs is that they can sign cryptographic messages and verify signatures, interacting directly with the smart contracts of decentralised applications. Oasis Network (ROSE) Updates Aim to Boost Interoperability and Web3 Adoption – Here’s How Voyager is selling their assets to Binance US for $1 billion ...Following the drop in LINK's price, today the institutions associated with these 81 wallets began accumulating tokens once again, adding another 575,632 LINK ($4.2 million) to their holdings. This institution has accumulated a total of 7.66 million LINK from Binance since September 19, equivalent to $56 million. Market analysts propose that the crypto domain is emerging as a crucial space for young, tech-adept investors. This sentiment is resonated by Turpin, who suggests that the ETFs, though not a direct conduit for new capital, have a role in shaping investment perceptions.

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