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What are your thoughts? What do you think about Axie’s downturn since the project’s peak? Share your thoughts and opinions about this subject in the comments section below. Coinbase says Apple blocked its last app release on NFTs in walletCointelegraph reached out to the Ministry of Finance for further details, but did not receive an immediate response. Source: Ksenia/AdobeJapan’s Casio has become the latest megabrand to take the NFT plunge with the release of “Virtual” G-Shock tokens based on its popular watches.In a Casio press release, the firm said it was launching the Virtual G-Shock line on the Polygon blockchain protocol.The company said it would release “3D model” G-Shock NFTs later in the year, but first wanted to reach out to fans of its iconic digital watch.Casio claims it has sold over 130 million G-Shock watches worldwide following its 1983 debut.Recently released Casio G-Shock watches. (Source: CasioUSA/X)But before debuting the NFT watches, the firm will issue NFT “membership cards” that will provide owners with special access to “limited channels.”The firm said it would issue 15,000 of the NFT “cards” beginning on September 23, but invited customers with Casio IDs to register their interest in claiming a card before the general release.“Card” holders will be granted “special access” to a range of new events and meetups, and “participate in co-creation projects.”Per Japan’s CoinPost, Hiroshi Takahashi, the CEO of Casio stated that the project’s aim was to “boost increase the presence of the G-Shock brand in the virtual and Web3 worlds.”More Japanese Firms Turning to NFTs?A fast-growing line of Japanese fashion, sportswear, and accessories brands is continuing to pursue NFT-powered business.While the NFT boom has died down somewhat in other markets, Japanese firms have been spurred on by comments from Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who has repeatedly talked up NFTs and Web3 as grown engines for the national economy.Sportswear titans Asics and Mizuno have already entered the fray, with NFT footwear based on some of their best-selling lines.And other businesses are also keen.In May this year, the airline All Nippon Airways announced the launch of its own aircraft-themed NFTs, Impress Watch reported.Earlier this month, the nation’s top financial regulator said it was ready to ask parliament to ease tax rules for domestic corporations.The rules have been described as “restrictive” by critics who say Japanese firms are being forced out of the domestic market.Axident's NFTs Turn Justin Bieber's 'Company' Into a Royalty Investment, 350 Minted in 2 Minutes

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18. Maximalist Bears have had the upper hand in the CyberConnect (CYBER) market during the past 24 hours, with prices ranging from an intraday high of $5.05 to a 7-day low of $4.88. Bullish efforts to rebound met strong opposition after testing $5.021 and could not break through, causing the price to fall further. Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 Borrows $50M From Coinbase for ' ...With all the mentioned credits, Bitcoin has significantly impacted the whole crypto market, including alternative currencies or altcoins. Bitcoin Price Slides As Bombs Rain on Gaza And Deaths Toll Rise

These are golden areas. The opposite signal was the downward crossing marked by the red areas. “There’s a lot more liquidity in mixers on the BTC chain than on Ethereum these days,” Five I’s founder Nick Bax told Blockworks. How to Buy Tether (USDT) - Beginner's Guide 2023Firstly, criminals are increasingly gravitating towards cryptos other than Bitcoin. Particularly cryptos that offer features like anonymity and stability. Stablecoins pegged to government-backed currencies were noted as an increasingly popular choice because of this reason. The use of cash in the country, qualified as having a key role in financial inclusion, has diminished significantly, going from being present in approximately 53% of the transactions in 2009 to below 21% in 2021. Nonetheless, it continues to be accepted at a wide array of establishments.

Its high transaction costs could be the reason why most developers and users still rely on Ethereum, which is still one of the fundamental causes. Additionally, another possible reason could be because of BSC’s infrastructure – lack of decentralization. Each game provides financial incentives to play and progress and each progress is different. Essentially, P2E games involve grinding and committing to victory. How to Swap Cryptocurrency Using ChangellyThe move by the UK's financial regulator comes days after Binance announced it was using Rebuilding Society to gain financial promotions compliance within the UK. On Saturday, a Binance blog post stated that to comply with the FCA's new financial promotions regime, Binance was partnering with Rebuilding Society and that it "has FCA authorization and regulatory approval." “By comparison, through August of 2022, the USPTO received about 4,500 applications relating to the metaverse and virtual goods and services.”

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