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Popular crypto exchanges(2023 Update) 2024-04-13
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Quarterly global crypto Venture funding. Source: PitchBook/Bloomberg Source: iStock/JuSunFriend.tech has suffered from a major privacy breach that has led to the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information pertaining to more than 101,000 individuals.Banteg, a core contributor to popular DeFi project Yearn Finance, has published a repository of publicly available scraped data on GitHub, revealing critical details of over 101,000 users on the Friend.tech platform.The exposed information includes wallet addresses on Base and corresponding Twitter usernames. “101,183 people have given friend.tech access to post as them, leaked db (database) indicates,” Banteg said in a Monday tweet. However, the privacy breach doesn't stop there. Banteg also highlighted a concerning situation regarding Friend.tech's permissions. It appears that these users may have granted Friend.tech the ability to post on their behalf, possibly without fully comprehending the extent of the permissions granted or giving their explicit consent.The breach came to light when Spot On Chain analysts discovered that Friend.tech's API had inadvertently "leaked" information. They revealed that through the API, it was possible to view wallets created by users, with associated Twitter usernames. Launched as a beta version on August 11, Friend.tech allows users to tokenize their social networks by purchasing and selling "shares" of their connections. Friend.tech applies a 5% fee on transactions, with the owner profiting from the trade spread. The project is built on Coinbase's layer-2 network Base.Friend.tech Says the Information Was Already PublicFriend.tech responded to the incident by trying to downplay the severity of the breach. They claimed that the information was publicly available through their API, implying that scraping it is similar to looking at someone's public Twitter feed."This is just someone scraping our public API that shows the association between public wallet addresses and public Twitter usernames," they said in a recent tweet. The privacy concerns surrounding Friend.tech comes as the platform has gained significant traction recently, attracting high-profile signups and accumulating protocol fees exceeding $1.42 million in the last 24 hours. This impressive growth has positioned Friend.tech among the top three crypto projects in terms of user-paid fees.The driving force behind this project is believed to be a developer operating under the pseudonym Racer. Racer has previously designed social media networks such as TweetDAO and Stealcam, both of which were based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With Friend.tech, Racer aims to attract crypto influencers with substantial fan bases, providing them the opportunity to earn royalties from trading fees. Additionally, the platform is also seeking to strengthen relationships between Web3 projects, venture capitalists, and important figures in the crypto industry.Decentralized Social Network Friend.tech Surpasses $1 Million in 24-Hour Fees, Leaving Uniswap and Bitcoin Behind What will Dogecoin be worth in 2030?As part of this collaboration, Coinstore’s vast user base will now have access to XRP Healthcare’s advanced medical offerings. This not only signifies the company’s relentless pursuit to enhance healthcare delivery across Africa but also underscores the increasing potential and viability of blockchain and crypto solutions in real-world, life-enhancing applications. As per the statement, the bank will employ external auditors to guarantee that the token maintains full gold backing at all times.

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Now and Next Shiba Inu saw a massive transaction volume spike ahead of the Oct. 8 sell-off as IntoTheBlock data revealed a transaction volume surge from 1.76 trillion SHIB on Oct. 7 to a staggering 4.69 trillion SHIB on Oct. 8. This increase might signal both panic from holders selling as well as large investors buying amid the uncertainty. Understanding tax implications of virtual currencyDespite all challenges, the future of P2E is still promising. P2E is much more likely to win the hearts of users with its open ecosystem and ownership of in-game assets. The Ethereum and TRON networks accounted for a substantial 88% of the total transaction fees, with Ethereum leading at 57% and TRON following closely behind at 31%.

Altman has been a long-time supporter of Bitcoin. In a blog post dated 10 years ago, Altman argued that a world transacting in Bitcoin would be more transparent. “A world where we all transact in Bitcoin would be much more transparent, and financial transparency is great. It’s perhaps the thing that would most reduce corruption,” Altman said.Rogan, Altman “very worried” about CBDCs, slams U.S. war on cryptoMeanwhile, both Altman and Rogan said they were “super against” CBDCs and expressed worry about the United States becoming a surveillance state.Rogan argued that CBDCs could give governments even more control over how people spend their money:“I’m very worried about central bank digital currency and that being tied to a social credit score. That scares the shit out of me. The push to that is not for the overall good of society, that’s for control.”Related: CBDC frameworks must guard user privacy, monetary freedom — BIS chiefAltman added he hasn’t been impressed with how the U.S. government has treated the cryptocurrency industry recently:“There’s many things that I’m disappointed that the U.S. government has done recently, but the war on crypto, which I think is a like, we can’t give this up, like we’re going to control this and all that. That’s the thing that makes me quite sad about the country,” he said.Magazine: Asia Express: China expands CBDC’s tentacles, Malaysia is HK’s new crypto rival Consider another potential cause for concern. Axos permits crypto companies to avoid the Federal Reserve’s bank wire system with its own intrabank funds transfer system called AxPay. Buy Ethereum With Credit Card Without VerificationTerra Luna Classic Price Prediction as LUNC Falls to 100th Place in Coin Rankings – Is It All Over? By harnessing advanced technological solutions and forming strategic collaborations, the company is laying the groundwork for a healthcare system that is both accessible and efficient.Flare Integrates With Subsquid to Boost Open-source Accessibility to Blockchain Data

This allows the validators to process transactions ahead of schedule, which results in faster leader changeover and less memory strain; where unconfirmed transactions may occupy the validator node. Solana is capable of supporting 50,000 TPS, thanks to this protocol. NFT-Funded Film, Backed by A-list Director Soderbergh, Seals Historic Global Sales Agreement – Crypto Adoption on the Rise? Will 2023 be a good year for crypto?The amount paid is dramatically more than the typical going rate for a CrypToadz NFT. Currently, they start at 0.53 ETH (about $835) on OpenSea, with the best listed offer on that particular NFT coming in a little higher at just below 0.6 ETH ($940). In other words, the buyer paid well above the market rate for this profile picture (PFP) project. With bearish sentiment climaxing, a possible turnaround seems likely according to experts from market intelligence platform, Santiment.

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