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The wedge’s support line also coincides with the $0.00095 horizontal support area, increasing its significance. Ripple’s token shows signs of reciprocating November 2022 behavior. Pi Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030Ethereum ranked first with a TVL of $55 billion, which resembles 67.3% of the TVL in the DeFi landscape. Ethereum is dominating with a wide gap, as the second chain has $6.9 billion. Between October 3 and October 10, the whales with balances between 100,000 to 1 million XRP increased their holdings from 3.77 billion to 3.82 billion XRP coins. This fresh acquisition of 50 million coins over the past week brings their cumulative balances to a 3-month high.

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Hours earlier, on Oct. 9, Ordswap posted a stark warning to users not to connect to its domain as it was not in control of it. It pinned the issue on Netlify — a website development and hosting firm. A retrace of similar magnitude during this cycle could see BTC fall back to around $21,000 to $22,000 over the next couple of months.  What To Know About Cryptocurrency and ScamsIf Ethereum fails to clear the $1,600 resistance, it could continue to move down. Initial support on the downside is near the $1,565 level. The next key support is $1,550. With an expansive distribution network that reaches over 600,000,000 households worldwide, the show has already captured the attention of viewers through its initial episodes on DistroTV and BeSpokeTV. However, the grand spectacle is yet to unfold, as the show is set to launch on October 2nd, featuring major distribution on platforms like PrimeVideo, DirectTV, InsightTV, and more, spanning 52 countries and available in 12 languages. The competition is fierce, with 16 teams competing for the coveted title and a grand prize of $150,000. But, in the crypto world, only one can emerge as “The Next Crypto Gem.”

A collective of local leaders in the cryptocurrency space, including 42Studio, MarketAcross, Collider Ventures, CryptoJungle, Nilos, Blockchain B7, Efficient Frontier, Ironblocks, the Israel Blockchain Association, Bits of Gold, as well as Cointelegraph, have joined together ​​to establish Crypto Aid Israel, a global fundraiser to help displaced Israeli citizens in need of humanitarian aid.The ongoing and unfolding conflict has taken a heavy toll on the local civilian population, with casualties currently estimated in the thousands.A recent report from Israeli news source Haaretz indicates the attacks on Israeli's local population have resulted in the deaths of at least 700 Israelis "and nearly 2,400 wounded since Hamas' surprise invasion on Saturday morning. In Gaza, the Palestinians report 560 dead and over 2,700 wounded."According to the CEO of CryptoJungle, Ben Samocha, Crypto Aid Israel's aim is to provide immediate help for those affected:“We hope to raise the necessary funds to provide food and shelter for families who lost their homes. We are also hoping to provide hygiene and medical products for the bombarded Israeli civilian populace…”Crypto Aid Israel is hosting a multisig wallet, overseen by luminaries in the local Web3 community. In order to donate and help their cause, you can visit their website here.Per a press release, Crypto Aid Israel’s creators are urging those who want to help to be cautious when it comes to verifying that their aid is going to the right wallet:“It is incredibly important to consider before donating that due to potential phishing scams and cyber attacks, please compare the crypto wallet address to the verified one on the official website, so that funds aren’t sent to addresses that may have been sent to you through other sources.”The Crypto Aid Israel initiative supports both Bitcoin and Ether donations. Related: Israeli authorities seize crypto from terror organizations, credit new technology “Gamers no longer have to screen cap their accomplishments — they can prove them mathematically,” the post read. FTX woes: 'I'm waiting to get ?2,000 back from crypto giant'In scams, the person would often remind potential victims about huge winnings, and what they could do with the huge sum. If a victim is hesitant about investing huge amounts of money, the scammer will convince them that more can be raked if the initial investment is already hefty. This popular scam technique takes advantage of one’s innate greed and desensitizes the victim to invest amounts they are initially uncomfortable with losing. Spencer wonders, “who knows what Michael Lewis was fed, where his primary sources of information were, how much SBF was just bullshitting and making up as he went along?”

Furthermore, Shin questioned whether the jury could understand it well, to which Klein responded, “The jury’s going to remember $65 billion.” Klein claimed that the jury might not remember the details, but they would remember the amount of money. Enzer agreed and added that the jury would remember that Wang started his testimony by admitting to the crimes. Onchain Analysis HKEX to expand A-share products to affirm Hong Kong's hub roleThe fundraising campaign initiated by Selkis and Rooz has garnered worldwide attention and support. Their hands-on approach has not only facilitated efficient aid distribution but has also served as a beacon of hope and unity during trying times. Their actions underscore the profound impact that individuals and businesses can have when they come together for a greater good in the realm of digital asset aid. The BAYC is a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning a Bored Ape NFT offers users particular benefits, including doubling in Yacht Club membership status and accessing some sections of the project’s ecosystem. BAYC had an estimated market cap of 261,878 ETH at the time of writing, according to data from CoinmarketCap, with a floor price of 26.14 ETH.

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