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Popular crypto exchanges(2023 Update) 2024-04-25

AVAX Creates Massive Upper Wick Italian Luxury Brand Panerai to Include NFT-Based "Digital Passport" with All Watches How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in Canada?Source: AdobeStock / MaryLeading crypto exchanges Coinbase, Revolut, and Binance have updated their mobile and web applications to comply with the new regulations from the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).Coinbase and Revolut informed their customers via email about the changes, which included the addition of "risk disclaimers" for crypto transactions. Users were also requested to update their mobile applications accordingly.Binance, on the other hand, launched a dedicated webpage specifically for its UK customers. The exchange temporarily halted operations through its mobile app but later resumed, assuring its British users of compliance with the new regulations.Komainu, a digital asset custody firm in the UK backed by Nomura, CoinShares, and Ledger, obtained a license to operate in the region on October 6. Komainu provides custodial services to exchanges, financial institutions, and asset managers.However, some other exchanges, such as ByBit and Luno, have decided to suspend operations in light of the new regulations.PayPal has also temporarily paused crypto purchases for its British users as it works on making its app compliant with the updated regulations.FCA Issues Alerts to 146 Crypto Firms in RegionJust recently, the FCA issued alerts to 146 crypto firms operating in the UK, cautioning that they are not authorized or registered by the regulatory authority. "We expect businesses including social media platforms, app stores, search engines, domain name registrars and payments firms to consider the alerts we have issued and play their part in protecting UK consumers from illegal promotions," the agency said. The new FCA rules, implemented earlier this year, require crypto firms to register with the financial regulator and have their marketing materials approved by an FCA-authorized firm.Key updates include exchanges providing clear warnings to customers about the risks associated with crypto investments. Marketing materials must be fair, transparent, and not misleading. Additionally, a 24-hour cooling-off period for new customers is required.While the FCA extended the deadline for implementing technically challenging features like the cooling-off period until January 2024, firms are expected to adhere to the "core rules" from October 8.The FCA has warned that failure to comply can result in criminal charges, including unlimited fines and up to two years' imprisonment, for domestic and overseas exchanges operating in the UK.The UK has been among the countries that have ramped up regulatory efforts following some high-profile bankruptcies last year. Earlier this year, the country officially passed legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies and stablecoins as part of its broader financial regulatory reforms post-Brexit.The law, dubbed the Financial Services and Markets bill, will grant regulators the authority to establish a tailored framework for the digital asset sector, supporting crypto’s "safe adoption in the UK."Today in Crypto: Fines and Prison for Unregistered Crypto Firms in Cyprus, OrdinalsBot Raise $1 Million, Zimbabwe Gold is Now a Payment Method RDNT / Tether US 1D (Source: TradingView)

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Now let’s dive deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of the smart contract. Securitization, a practice with over 50 years of history, is undergoing a dramatic transformation, believes Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, one of the world’s largest asset managers.During CNBC’s Delivering Alpha event, Johnson said tokenization — the process of converting asset ownership rights into digital tokens on a blockchain — is akin to “securitization done on steroids,” a term often used to describe something that exceeds expectations. Johnson’s remarks were part of an analysis of the future of alternative investment vehicles. The executive noted that available capital and technology disruption have attracted more companies and CEOs to invest in “things for the future,” like blockchain technology. Johnson said:“One is it allows a payment mechanism. Number two, it allows smart contracts to be programmed into the token. And three, because it’s a general ledger, it has a source of truth. So whoever has that token, all rights in that token are granted to that person.”Johnson used Rihanna as an example to illustrate her point of view. In February, the singer released one of her popular songs as a nonfungible token (NFT), allowing holders to partially earn royalties on streaming. “My favorite example is Rihanna,” she commented about the NFT collection launched just before the Super Bowl. “I know she’s just testing the market in these 300 NFTs [...]. Well, why can she do that? She can do it because when Spotify plays a Rihanna song, it can capture the smart contract, execute and say: ‘I owe royalties here so nobody has to be involved in it.‘ And it can take the fractional payment and go to Frank, a big Rihanna fan.” Athletes can also benefit from tokenization, according to Johnson:“Think [about] athletes are going to sign a big contract. They’ll say to their fans ‘I’m going to sell off tokens worth 10% of my future revenue stream.‘ I’m going to sell 100,000 tokens and boom, the fans are probably going to pay a premium for it. So it will be a way and if you think about it, it’s just securitization done on steroids.”1/ The Future is Tokenized CultureFranklin Templeton’s Jenny Johnson nails it at CNBC ‘Delivering Alpha’. - Tokenization = Securitization on Steroids- Tokenization of Cultural IP via NFT Royalty Streams. Rhianna is creating modern era ‘Bowie Bonds’ for fans that can…— Ram Ahluwalia, higher for longer crypto CFA (@ramahluwalia) September 30, 2023 Buy Tether with Credit Card - USDTXRP token (XRP) has been among the best-performing and most trending cryptocurrencies, dominating the fifth rank by market cap. Also scoring high in leading indicators for the cryptocurrency market, such as positioning itself in the top 5 builders on GitHub. Binance-spearheaded Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI), a co-investment project aiming to support the cryptocurrency industry in the aftermath of the FTX collapse, may not have been as effective as desired, a new report suggests.After announcing the IRI in November 2022, Binance spent $15 million in its Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoins out of its total commitments of $1 billion in BUSD, Bloomberg reported on Oct. 10. Binance subsequently moved the remaining $985 million of the pledged BUSD back to its corporate treasury, planning to use it for investments. In March, Binance converted these funds from BUSD to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), citing growing regulatory concerns around stablecoins.Apart from Binance, the IRI had collected an additional $100 million in contributions from 18 organizations by the end of February 2023, including Animoca Brands, Aptos Labs, Jump Crypto, Polygon Ventures and others.Three months after launch, the IRI funded 14 projects, Binance claimed, without disclosing the names of the companies that received funding. The only publicly declared expense from Binance’s $1 billion IRI commitment was the exchange’s acquisition of the South Korean crypto exchange Gopax, announced in early February.According to wallet data collected by Bloomberg, the IRI has invested less than $30 million since its inception last year. Among nine named participants, only DWF Labs and Binance-backed Aptos had spent at least some of the committed funds.Related: New book reveals Binance CEO CZ rejected SBF’s $40M request for futures exchangeIt’s unclear whether the IRI is still working to support cryptocurrency projects, as its Google Docs applicant form is still active.Binance did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.Transactions associated with Binance-spearheaded Industry Recovery Initiative as of Oct. 9, 2023. Source: BloombergThe IRI’s high capital commitments versus its actual contributions come as the cryptocurrency industry scrambles for funding.The quarterly amount of cryptocurrency-related venture funding has plummeted as much as 70% from Q3 2022, the blockchain analytics firm Messari reported on Oct. 5. According to the report, crypto VC volumes in Q3 2023 amounted to just around $2 billion, down from the all-time high $17 billion in Q1 2021.Magazine: Deposit risk: What do crypto exchanges really do with your money?

During the prosecution's line of inquiry, Wang said that either Bankman-Fried or FTX lawyers had presented him with loans which he was then directed to sign. Additionally, the police displayed a link to a newly published list of verified virtual asset trading platforms, provided by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). How to buy ETH in South KoreaOne of the best indicators a Bitcoin trader can use are the Bitcoin funding rates. The funding rates are showing basically whether the majority of the market participants on derivative markets are shorting or longing for Bitcoin. I’ve found this indicator very useful to spot a top in the Bitcoin price as in a healthy bull market when the funding rates are negative, the price tends to trend up. In a bear market, when the funding is positive, the price tends to decline. So we can use this metric to spot which market conditions the market is trading in and if anything has changed. One of the first signals when Bitcoin entered a bear market in 2022 was that the price of Bitcoin was declining with negative funding rates, and that does generally not happen in a healthy bull market. Bitstamp is the latest exchange to exit the Canadian market, following Binance and Bybit. Other companies, such as OKX, Paxos and dydx also left earlier this year.

Ripple has been engaged in a battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, with the regulatory agency suing the company. A trial is slated for next year. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) Is Tether legal in Singapore?All services will be suspended on Nov. 6, though provisions have been put in place for users to export financial data, a company banner on its website reads. Mainstream Bitcoin (BTC) adoption won’t happen until it bridges to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) — the first point of entry for many real-world assets moving on-chain, a Web3 executive argues.Speaking to Cointelegraph, the founder of cross-chain infrastructure firm Botanix Labs, Willem Schroé, claimed Bitcoin “needs to start playing in the EVM world” for it to build real-world use cases to increase its adoption and utility.“Bitcoin is the most technologically secure and truly decentralized protocol [and] the EVM has proven itself to be the application layer for the global financial system,” Schroé said.Our Botanix Protocol positions Ethereum as a Layer-2 solution on top of #Bitcoin. We've added Ethereum onto the Bitcoin Network's secure foundation to harness the security of its Proof-of-Work mechanism.Also, enjoy the developmental ease of Ethereum.— Botanix Labs (@BotanixLabs) September 25, 2023

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