Shannon Centennial

Claude Elwood Shannon was born in 1916, and was responsible for some groundbreaking work in several fields including digital circuits, cryptography, and information theory. His 1948 paper titled “A mathematical theory of communication” led to the beginning of the field of information theory. Information theory has not only dealt with communication engineering in a systematic way, but it has also found application in a wide variety of disciplines like statistics, biology, security, computer science, and stock market.

This year, in 2016, we celebrate the birth centenary of Claude Shannon with events held around the world. Some of these events are listed here.

This page lists some centennial events held in India.

Bombay Information Theory Seminar (2016) at IIT Bombay and TIFR Mumbai

Shannon Centenary Exhibition at IISc, Bangalore

Shannon Centenary Exhibition at IIT Guwahati

Shannon Centenary Day at IIT Kanpur

Shannon Day at IIT Madras

Shannon’s Centenary Day at SGSITS, Indore