Advances in semiconductor technology have greatly accelerated the development and proliferation of electronics in everyday life. A course on Electronic Devices is therefore the most fundamental course taught to EE/ECE sophomores and graduate students specializing in Micro- and Nano-electronics. However, most courses commonly lay emphasis on the basic working principle of ideal devices and basic electrical characterization. The device physics remains largely unexplored, both in the classroom and the laboratory. In this course, “EE 783: Advanced Semiconductor Devices Lab,” we bridge this gap by offering students hands-on learning experience on some interesting device characterization experiments that explore interesting device physics. The lecture modules discuss the underlying physics of the devices and the laboratory experiments focus on device characterization and performance analysis. The experiments do not need any sophisticated measurement equipment and are conducted at the Wadhwani Electronics Lab (WEL). Students avail of the student fabrication lab at the National Centre for Photovoltaics Research and Education (NCPRE) for micro-fabrication of silicon solar cells and for their course projects.

This course was proposed and developed by Prof. Siddharth Tallur with help from Prof. K. L. Narasimhan and Prof. B. M. Arora, and the first batch of 9 students took this course in Spring 2019 semester. The first batch comprised of 4 undergraduate students, 1 M.Tech. student and 4 Ph.D. students, who were ably assisted by two TAs – Durgesh Tamhane and Gaurav Kate; and Mrs. Madhumita Date (project manager, WEL). The detailed course outline and list of reference books can be accessed here. A short summer course was offered through the Continuing Education Program (CEP) at IIT Bombay in May 2019 for faculty in AICTE affiliated colleges to replicate this course in their home institutes for their students. More details of the summer short course are available here.

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