sunilSunil TT

Email: suniltt[AT], vu2swx[AT]
Research Interests: Electronic Nose, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition.,
Current Position: Principal, College of Engineering Attingal, Trivandrum, Kerala

ChandrajitChandrajit Choudhury

Email: chandrajit[AT], chandrajit.choudhary[AT]
Research Interests: Light Field Imaging, Computational Photography, Image Compression, Video Processing,
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, NIT Silchar

AmitAmit Bhardwaj

Email: bhardwaj[AT], bhardwaj87amit[AT]
Research Interests: Haptics, Analysis of kinesthetic haptic perception.,
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher at POSTECH, South Korea

VineetVineet Gokhale

Email: vineet[AT], vineet.goki[AT]
Research Interests: Haptics, Real time protocols for enabling telesurgery, teleoperation, multi-user virtual object manipulation, haptic based network games.,
Current Position: Assistant Professor at the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Avik Avik Hati

Email: avik[AT], avikhatiece[AT]
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Image processing,
Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow at IIT Central Research Labs Genova, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Neha Bhargava Neha Bhargava

Email: neha[AT],
Research Interests: Tracking, Object detection, Activity recognition, Group based crowd analysis, Motion modelling and analysis,
Current Position: KTP Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University TDE, Oxford, United Kingdom


Amaldev Amaldev V

Email: amaldev[AT], amaldev.000[AT]
Research Interests: Image Processing, Optics, Light Field Imaging, Computational Photography, Light Field Imaging, Computer Vision,, Camera Technology, Embedded System Design.,
Current Position: Co-Founder & Engineering Lead at ACPAD Instruments, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

PavelPavel Dey

Email: paveldey[AT], paveldey[AT]
Research Interests: Haptic Rendering of deformable objects

RamzanRamzan Basheer

Email: ramzanb[AT], r4ramzan[AT]
Research Interests: Computer vision, Recognizing human action in far field of view.,
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Presidency University, Bangalore

TanmoyTanmoy Khan

Email: tanmoy[AT]
Research Interests: Haptics

Bindita Bindita Chaudhuri

Email: binditac[AT], bindita91[AT]
Research Interests: Image and Video processing, Computer Vision, Machine
learning, Pattern Recognition,
Current Position: Ph.D. student in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Washington

Reshma JReshma J

Email: 153070074[AT], reshmaj990[AT]
Research Interests: Image and speech processing, Signal processing, Machine Learning,
Current Position: Member of Technical Staff – Logic Design,Rambus

Nagma Nagma Khan

Email: nagmaskhan[AT], knagma73[AT]
Research Interests: Image Processing and Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Graduation Year: 2018,
Current Position: Associate Researcher, NEC Japan

Karen Nimmy Stephen

Email: karennimmy[AT], karen.nimmy[AT]
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image processing
Graduation Year: 2018

KalpeshKalpesh Patel

Email: kkp[AT], kkgecp[AT]
Research Interests: Person Re-identification, Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Graduation Year: 2018,
Current Position: Assistant Professor at GEC Patan

B.Tech/Dual Degree

AshwinAshwin Kachhara

Email: ashwink[AT]
Final year Dual Degree student. My dissertation is on Virtual Reality Environments using Microsoft Kinect and Oculus Rift
Research Interests: Mixed Reality, Wearable Tech, Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition

sumeetSumeet Fefar

Email: sumeetfefar[AT]
I am a techie who loves tinkering with electronic gadgets. I love gaming and usually waste a lot of time on it. I am also a huge fan of MOOC and therefore end up enrolling in a lot of online courses.
Research Interests: Multi-dimensional segmentation, event localisation, visual hull computation and 3D reconstruction of a scene from crowd-sourced videos.

AnkitAnkit Agrawal

Email: aaaagrawal[AT]
Research Interests: Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Remote Sensing.
At other times, I am busy reading, traveling or learning and creating things.

Arka Arka Sadhu

Email: arkasadhu[AT], ark.sadhu2904[AT]
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Graduation Year: 2018