Work Experience

I have worked with Larsen and Toubro (L & T), Powai, Mumbai from July 2007 to July 2009. I worked with the petroleum dispensing pump unit which is now with Gilbarco-Veeder root private limited. While in L & T, I was part of the team that designed the hardware and software components of a fuel dispensing unit.

Following are the patents that we filed during my tenure in L & T.
1. A. Gambhir, T. Vinchhi, and A. Yardi, "A system and a methos for secured communication is a totalizer unit", reference number - 753/MUM/2008 A, publication date : 30/10/2009.

2. A. Gambhir, T. Vinchhi, and A. Yardi, "Temperature Compensation Temperature Sensing Arrangement", reference number - 2736/MUM/2008, publication date : 9/7/2009.

3. A. Gambhir, S. Vaze, and A. Yardi, "Electronically Calibrated Security Key for Fuel Dispensers", reference number - 709/MUM/2008, publication date : 30/10/2009.

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