Awards, Recognitions, and Honors

  1. My proposal on location-unaware spatial field sensing was selected to participate at the
    (Google) X Science Fair at Google's headquarters in California
    in Sep 2016.A total of 17 such proposals were selected from the world over.
  2. Special Issue Paper with Abhay Karandikar, Gaurang Naik, Meghna Khaturia, Shubham Saha, Mahak Arora, and Jaspreet Singh
    Towards Enabling Broadband for a Billion Plus Population with TV White Spaces
    in .
    To Appear in the IEEE Communications Magazine, Jul 2016, Wireless Technologies for Development (W4D)
    Paper's DOI Link
  3. Affiliate Member, Signal Processing Theory and Methods (IEEE Signal Processing Society) since Nov 2014.
    Affiliate Members list
  4. Invited Paper with Rajeev Kumar, Punit Rathod, and Abhay Karandikar
    How Much TV UHF Band Spectrum is Sufficient for Rural Broadband Coverage?
    in WiOpt (International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks) 2015.
    Link unavailable Paper (DOI)
  5. Shortlisted for the Best Paper Award for the paper
    Quantitative Assessment of TV White Space in India
    at National Conference on Communications in Feb 2014 held at IIT Kanpur, India.
    Link unavailable Paper (DOI)
  6. Invited Speaker at ITU, Switzerland (WP5A Seminar on CR Systems and use of White Spaces) Nov 2013 to present the work
    Mesh-Network for Rural Broadband Coverage Using TV White Spaces in India
    Seminar link Slides (ITU)
  7. My student Akshata Athawale received the Best Student Paper Award for the paper
    On Dithered A/D Conversion of Multidimensional Smooth Non-bandlimited Signals
    at Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM) conference in July 2012 held at IISc Bangalore.
    SPCOM website Paper (DOI)
  8. Invited Paper with Prakash Ishwar and Kannan Ramchandran
    On distributed sampling in dense sensor networks: a bit-conservation principle
    to 41st Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, UIUC IL 2003.
    Link Unavailable
  9. Received the General Proficiency Medal for the best academic performance in the undergraduate programme in Electrical Engineering for the year 2001.
  10. Received the Sridhar Memorial Prize for the best student of B.Tech. final year based on academic performance during the preceding three years in Electrical Engineering.
  11. Received the Amit Saxena Memorial Prize for the year 2000-2001 in recognition of superlative performance in the course EE 311 (Electronic Instrumentation).
  12. Received the Certificate of Merit for academic excellence for the second year (1998-1999) and the third year (1999-2000) of the B.Tech. Programme at IIT Kanpur.


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