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Department of Electrical Engineering

IIT Bombay, Powai,

Mumbai 400 076


Ph: 022 2576 7404

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My students (current and past):
  • PhD students
    • Sandeep Kumar, in progress (Model order reduction)
    • Chayan Bhawal, 2019 (with DP) (Singular and dissipative systems)
    • Ashish Kothyari, 2018 (Algorithms to compute storage functions for singular cases)
    • Shana Moothedath, 2018 (with PC) (Optimizing structured linear systems: complexity and algorithms)
    • Rachel K. Kalaimani, 2014 (Impulse-free control and minimum controller design for generic pole-placement using graph-theoretic methods)
    • Shivkumar V. Iyer, 2011 (with MCC) (Stability and operational issues in the decentralized control of an isolated microgrid)
    • Swanand Khare, 2011 (with HP) (Numerical issues in univariate polynomial matrices)
    • V.K. Jadhav, 2011 (with MBP) (A multi-model approach for efficient model building and simulation of transience behavior of MEMS devices)
  • MTP/DDP students
    • Satwik Ramisetty, 2022, (Reinforcement learning for railway timetabling)
    • Alen Rujis, 2022, (Horizontal and vertical reservation schemes in college admissions)
    • Aman Kumar, 2021, (College admissions, reservations, stable-marriage)
    • Sudarshan Pulapadi, 2020, (Zero base timetabling: planning and implementation)
    • Devyani Verma, 2020, (Metro timetabling w.r.t. passenger demand: rake-link optimization)
    • Darshit Jain, 2019, (Suburban timetabling: modulo-simplex methods and optimization)
    • Vipin Shukla, 2019, (Railway junction simulator development)
    • Naman Kasliwal, 2019, (Suburban rail: crew allocation and optimization)
    • Ashutosh Khare, 2018, (Suburban harbour line periodic-timetabling using modulo simplex methods)
    • Anurag Agrawal, 2018, (Suburban harbour line timetabling using source/sink formulation)
    • Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha, 2018, (Junction simulation)
    • Manoj Patel, 2018, (Crew allotment using HOER regulations)
    • Jitesh Jha, 2017, (Permanent of a matrix and i/o partitions in a system)
    • Soumallya Chatterjee, 2017, (Fault diagnosis of SPNDs using PCA and its variants)
    • Sunanda Babu, 2016, (Discrete time LQ control: singular case)
    • Vinayak G. Padmaji (with PC), 2015, (Offline adaptive evaluation and student ranking in competitive examinations)
    • Rathijeet H. Bhave, 2015, (Application of GS and Hungarian algorithms for some critical/ noncritical allocation problems)
    • Atreya Kotoky, 2015, (Minimum controller substructure for generic arbitrary pole-placement)
    • Ajay Ganesh, 2014, (Graph structures with optimial algebraic connectivity)
    • Nahit Pawar (with VS), 2014, (Real-time fault detection and diagnosis of self-powered neutron detectors)
    • Hemant J. Puthran, 2014, (Polynomial matrix nullspace computation)
    • Sundeep Cheruku, 2014, (On design of competitive exams: analytical issues)
    • Vinamzi Paul Samuel, 2013, (Development of state space modelling tool and investigation of RLC network based on supply rate)
    • Kaushik Mallick, 2013, (Investigation of optimal charging and discharging of RLC networks)
    • Shriram Jugade, 2012, (Impulsive solutions and singular hamiltonian system)
    • Mayank Pandey (with SV), 2012, (Evaluation and analysis of financial derivatives using stochastic control and optimised financial models)
    • Rihab Abdul Razak (with MB), 2012, (Data based techniques for fault diagnosis of self powered neutron detectors)
    • Mahendra Singh, 2012, (Decentralized control: graph theoretic methods)
    • Vishal S. Sawant (with PC), 2012, (MIXD-TCP and TRAC-TCP: new algorithms for congestion control of internet)
    • Manav Kataria, 2011, (Design and implementation of ECG synthesizer based on a gaussian model)
    • Bhaskar Ramasubramanian, 2011, (Block toeplitz approach to compute the degree structure of the minimal polynomial basis)
    • Krishnan Srinivasarengan (with MB), 2011, (Fault diagnosis of self powered neutron detectors: model based observers for input estimation)
    • A. Akilez Krishnamurthy (with DC), 2011, (Fault diagnosis during re-entry of RLV)
    • Prasad Pradeep Kumar Kashi, 2011, (Discretization methods for differential Kalman filter equation: accuracy and convergence issues)
    • Karikalan Selvaraj, 2010, (Unobservable storage functions)
    • Laxman Mutyam (with MB) 2010, (Fault detection and diagnosis of self powered neutron detectors)
    • Pramit H.Mehta, 2009, (Study of hybrid systems and its analysis)
    • Pawan Kumar, 2009, (Risk sensitive optimal control)
    • V. Venkataraghavan, 2007, (Fault diagnosis using DES approach and level control of tank system)
    • Debasattam Pal, 2007, (Optimal control: problems at optimality)
    • Harsh G. Vinjamoor, 2007, (Impulse elimination on controller interconnection)
    • Kanchan Chavan (with AK), 2007, (Robust queue management over a link with varying capacity)
    • Kashyap Bhargava, 2007, (Control of traffic systems)
    • Vijayanand P, 2006, (Convergence issues in adaptive control)
    • Shaik Fiaz, 2006, (Fault diagnosis in hybrid dynamical systems)
    • Swapnil A. Shegaonkar, 2005, (Controller design for satellite formation flying)
    • Mahesh D. Barve (with HP), 2005, (Application of control theory for communication networks)

Message to my past students: please point me discrepancies in year/thesis-title. Apologies if I left somebody out. Please write me an email.

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