Webpage of EE636 course (Matrix Computations): Spring:Jan22-Apr22

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3rd Jan: Class recordings and scribbles/notes are being maintained here: might have to wait for a day or two after the class.

1st Jan: Course logistics (Google, SAFE), quiz/exam weightages, schedules announcement email through moodle: 1st-jan-email.txt

27th Dec: The pre-requisite for this course is any course on linear algebra. (Linear algebra course is required for concepts like rank, linear-independence, bases, eigenvalues, eigenvectors for matrices).

27th Dec: Whether this course can be considered as a department-elective, or ALC or honours-elective, or can be retagged later, etc: these aspects of the rule are beyond my scope (as instructor). These rules are more related to the curriculum for YOUR programme, and not related to the content/delivery of the course. Please consult the rules in the rule-book carefully.

26th Dec: All emails to me (the instructor: belur[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in) ought to have "EE636" in the subject. Please ensure this.

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