Welcome to Control & Computing

Welcome to C&C

The control and computing research group investigates theoretical and applied issues in control theory and related computational problems. The group includes researchers studying diverse problems in linear systems, stochastic and optimal control, behaviorial systems, dissipative systems, multi-agent systems, graph theoretic methods, decentralised control and fault diagnosis, etc. In parallel, related numerical issues for implementing advanced control algorithms to real-world civilian and military applications are also studied with increasing interest in this group.

The group hosts cutting edge experimental facilities in embedded control research, such as an outdoor multi-UAV platform, high performance computing facilities, lighter-than-air platforms, autonomous driverless vehicle testing facility, etc.

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Projects include computation on polynomial matrices, distributed computation for large scale structured systems, cryptography and crypto-analysis, railway resource optimization and timetabling, computational issues in smart grid, large scale circuit simulators, image processing algorithms, electromagnetic field computation, information encryption and coding error control, Grobner basis methods and their open source implementation in Python/Scilab.


The group members work in close collaboration with faculty of a number of engineering disciplines: power systems, industrial engineering and optimization, mechanical design, haptics, avionics guidance and control, energy systems, transportation engineering, etc. Moreover, Successful research and consultancy projects have been carried out with both PSU and private organizations including ISRO, DRDO, BHEL, BARC, NPCIL, Indian Railways, Eaton, GE India, etc.


Control and computing students get job offers from a number of multinational companies with positions both in India and abroad. Their job profiles include research and development, core control, machine learning, embedded systems etc. Some of the major recruiters are Hitachi Global, Intel, IBM, Mercedes-Benz R&D, Airbus, Bosch, Mathworks, TCS R&D, Cypress Semiconductor etc. A fair number of students also opt for research work and join a PhD program of reputed Universities.