D. Manjunath


D. Manjunath received his BE from Mysore University, MS from Indian Institute  of Technology, Madras and PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, Troy NY in  1986, 1989  and 1993 respectively. He has worked in the  Corporate R & D center  of General Electric in  Scehenctady NY during the summer of 1990. He was a  Visiting Faculty in the Comuter and Information Sciences Dept of the University of Delaware and a Post Doctoral  Fellow in the Computer Science  Dept of the University of  Toronto. He was on the Electrical Engineering  faculty of the Indian Inst of Technology, Kanpur during December  1994 - July 1998.  He has been with the Deptt of Electrical Engineering of IIT, Bombay since July 1998. 


Research Interests

General area of networking, queueing and other stochastic systems, and performance modeling.
    • Distributed computation in sensor networks and distributed optimisation for network resource provisioning.
    • Random geometric graph models for wireless networks and stochastic coverage processes.
    • Queueing system models for wireless networks.
    • Self tuning mechanisms for optimal resource allocation in computer systems.
    • Internet: Pricing, Quality of Service, Traffic Engineering.
    • Traffic Measurement and Performance Monitoring.
    • Performance Modeling, Stochastic Processes and Queueing Theory.
    • Optical Networks: Design and Algorithms for Traffic Engineering.
    • Packet Switches: QoS provisioning Architectures and Analysis.


    • Digital Communication.(Jan 2010)
    • Networks, Games and Algorithms. (Jan '10, Jan '09)
    • Communication Systesm Theory.(Aug '08)
    • Data Analysis and Interpretation.(Jan '08 '09)
    • Microprocessors and Computer Organisation  (Jul '04, Jul '01,  Jul '00, Jul '99, Jul '98)
    • Microprocessor Laboratory (Jul '00, Jul '98)
    • Telematics (Jul '00, Jul '99, Jan '99)
    • Wireless Communication Networks (Jan '00)
    • Computer Communication Networks (Jan '05, Jan '04, Jan '03, Jan '02, Jan '01)
    • Markov Chains and Queueing Systems (Jan '08, Jan '04, Jan '02)
    • Statistical Signal Analysis (Jul '03, Jul '02)
    • Communication Systems. (Jan '07)
    • Communication Electronics Laboratory. (Aug '07)